Working From Home And Keeping It That Way

Working From Home And Keeping It That Way
Working From Home And Keeping It That Way
Working From Home And Keeping It That Way
Working From Home And Keeping It That Way

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

LONDON – Being a mom was hard enough before it became necessary to additionally hold down a full-time job. Between being a mom, cleaning house, and working until your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off, being a mom just isn’t easy. But there are ways to curtail the load through modern technology, and one of the best ways is to work in an online startup.

You might start with a blog that endorses things which other moms in your situation may find useful. You’ve used products and services that new moms don’t know about, and which even those mothers who’ve been around for a while might have missed. Start showing how those things have helped you in a blog, and build steam.

If you get popular enough, you may even be able to use your success to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to obtain the capital you need to achieve your vision.

Managing Your Online Business As It Grows

Once you get a big enough following, you’ll have businesses that work in similar industries who try to get their blogs published on your site. At this point, you’ll likely have a large enough audience that you can afford to develop a mobile app which automatically alerts readers of new things as you, or your clients, provide them.

When you get enough clients, you get to the point where you don’t have to write every day, but instead can post client blogs and update the app your audience has downloaded. But apps can be challenging to manage. Thankfully, they’ve become such a regular feature of today’s business world, there are management tools available.

The Importance Of Continuously Monitoring Mobile Apps

You will want an app that is constantly monitored and maintained. This can itself become time consuming if you don’t use the right tools. If you find you’re at that point in your business where it has become time to launch an app, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by doing some slight research into app management.

Applications are continuously developed which are designed to make other applications easier to use and maintain. Automation is key, and these apps are designed to make it so you can spot inconsistencies and fix them more quickly. One site that continuously provides tech solutions like this for small and large businesses alike is Stackify.

Make Your Own Apps

Developers need Application Project Management, or APM, tools. But there are solutions today which allow you to design your own app online. Think WordPress, but for apps.

Now, such solutions may have a bit of a learning curve, but they can really help contain your business so it’s more cost-effective. Still, you may have to learn some things; like how to manage your apps with affordable APM tools. For example, .NET core is an open-source tool that gives you unparalleled control, but isn’t always supported.

New Relic .NET core support has a workaround, though; provides alternatives: “Stackify Retrace APM works perfectly with ASP.NET Core web apps on Windows. Apps targeting the full .NET framework, as well as COR CLR/netcoreapp, are supported. Retrace works with ASP.NET Cor apps running behind IIS or running kestrel directly.”

Solutions like Retrace can allow you the same utility other programs would provide, but with greater cost-effectiveness and ease of use. You can design the app how you want it to be, cost-effectively.

Getting Free

Technology is continuing to expand today, and the opportunities available are making it so even those who aren’t really that technologically inclined can be very successful without having to spend years studying the tech industry.


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