Baby Shower Gifts

Regular bedtimes prevent behavioural problems
Mothers singing for their infants generates positive impacts
Regular bedtimes prevent behavioural problems
Mothers singing for their infants generates positive impacts

LONDON – LIVING – When your friend or sister shares the exciting news that she is having a baby, a few happy tears, lots of hugs and some “welcome” belly rubs are expected to go around. After that, you are supposed to find a baby gift that is impressive, thoughtful, unique and useful for your friend and the baby. Tall task? Here are some helpful tips to guide you in your hunt for the perfect.

Baby Wraps

Most moms cannot live without the baby wrap. This is an ideal and thoughtful gift. The baby wrap allows the baby to sleep on parents while freeing up their hands. A baby wrap is comfortable for both baby and parents and easy to use. Its breathable stretch material helps cocoon the baby. The parent can go about their chores such as grocery shopping with their baby gently sleeping on their chest.

Welcome home baby set

This traditional gift is perfect for a newborn. It makes baby’s first day out of the hospital comfortable, stylish, and cute. This set includes; baby beanies and hats, cardigan, short-sleeved bodysuit, and a coordinating footed legging. If you know the gender, you can get a set in either pink or blue. If the gender is unknown, go for a neutral gray suit.

Nose Cleaner

This is a lifesaver. However, most moms may not know they need it until the little one gets cold. This little device is a safe way to clean a baby’s nose.

Baby photography props

This is a perfect baby shower gift. Not only is it thoughtful, but it will help make beautiful memories for the family. Still, remember to keep the photography prop simple as you do not want to compete with the baby. Some good ideas for a baby photography prop are;

  • Wraps
  • Crates
  • Hats
  • Faux Furs

Baby Arrival Gift Set

This essential gift will come in handy for the soon to be parents. Ensure that the set is non-toxic and natural. A baby arrival gift set includes; diapers, healing balm, body wash, wipes, sanitizing spray, baby lotion m shampoo and body wash and a cute teether.

Self-heating travel bottle and warmer

This is a great baby shower gift. This is especially when the family is traveling, camping or if the child is spending a day at daycare. The flask keeps the baby’s milk or water warm throughout the day

Stroller storage

A stroller storage is the mom’s new purse. The parents will not have to worry about where to put their cell phones, house keys, or baby’s toys when taking the baby out to the park for a stroll.

Travelling Crib

This is a genius baby gift. A travel bag folds out into a crib. Hence, the baby can sleep well when traveling or when the family is out for a picnic.

Sleep sheep or bear

These fuzzy, little, stuffed animals are a new mom’s lifesaver. Ensure you get one with a relaxing music like spring showers, mother’s heartbeat, whale songs and ocean surfs. This music helps to calm the baby down and while sending them off to dreamland.

When choosing a baby shower gift, ensure that the gift will spoil the mom to be and make the new parents lives easier.

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