Zombies and Post-Apocalyptic themed books

Milan Hookimaw was choosen 'top un-dead
Milan Hookimaw was choosen 'top un-dead" and won the Dr. Dre Beats Speaker
Milan Hookimaw was choosen 'top un-dead" and won the Dr. Dre Beats Speaker
Milan Hookimaw was choosen ‘top un-dead” and won the Dr. Dre Beats Speaker

THUNDER BAY – Articles such as 10 Apocalyptic Books: Say Hello to the World of Zombies and Such provide us with a good overview of the Post-Apocalyptic sub-genre mixed in with zombie themes. These are good books where you can enjoy the societal and personal effects of an apocalypse and how the survivors must deal with this, and with the ever present threat of a zombie menace.

Happy Hour of the Damned

A rather different take on the whole zombie genre, in Happy Hour of the Damned, we see the adventures of the recent zombie-convert Amanda Feral as she tries to adapt to her new situation. Just because she is now a zombie, doesn’t mean that this has removed her sense of individual style. We can see her still using make-up, designer handbags and stilettos high-heels during her human flesh feasts, coupled with cocktails of course.  The characters of this world are equality quirky, and we can see undead celebrities, devil-like characters, shapeshifters and even the classical werewolf.

However, the interesting night-life that Amanda experiences is about to come to a drastic change, as one of her friends seems to have gotten herself in some trouble.

Zombie, Ohio

In this zombie outbreak novel, we find a professor who is brought back to life following a car accident, albeit in the form of a zombie. Peter Mellor now has to come to terms with the fact that he is the living dead, and witnesses what is happening around him. Peter’s view on his former human brethren is changed drastically, him becoming more and more anti-human. He faces great lack of sympathy from humans who do not understand what the zombies are faced with, and do not wish to help them. He is also forgotten and shunned by older friends, and society grows ever more hateful of his new race.

However, this is not the end of his plight, as he finds out that his car accident might not have been so accidental after all.

Monster Island

Written by David Wellington, we bear witness to the effects of a cataclysmic event which has considerably damaged most of the world. Nations and countries have been reduced to zombie infested nests and very little is left of these areas.  The humans that have survived can be found in only a few secluded areas, such as Somalia.  By comparison, New York is overflown with zombies that roam the streets, with no other desire but to consume humans and their meat.

But, there is one that is different from the others. Gary Fleck is a zombie that still has the normal intelligence of human, despite his ravenous appetite for human flesh. He will discover eventually that he is not like this just by chance.

During Gary’s adventures, there is also a group of schoolgirls that are on the search for medicine on Monster Island.


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