Four important changes regarding the US Visa

United States Congress

Immediate Changes to US VISA

WASHINGTON – Before these changes, the US provided visas for a maximum of 90 days for those citizens and nationals included within their visa waiver list, most of them from the EU.

Eligible individuals for the VWP (visa waiver program) will still have to complete an electronic form that is administered by the Department of Homeland Security before being allowed to travel to the US. The name for this authorization is ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization which lasts two years.

Individuals who previously qualified for an ESTA but have secondary citizenship from Iraq, Iran, Sudan or Syria will have to apply for a visa. This applies for those who have also visited the aforementioned countries in the past five years.

How the Visa Program works

Somewhat unclear as to the exact procedures, but it will be apparently required that anyone who wishes to apply must first go to the US embassy and apply in person for the visa. This process could also include the undertaking of an interview.

Usually, a visitor applying for a visa can expect for the appointment to be scheduled in about four days. The length of time that takes for a visa to be issued differs from each case but it can roughly take anywhere from the next day to a full week.

Some good news is that most people will not have to go into the US embassy very often. Visas for business and tourism for dual nationals from UK will be made available and valid for 10 years and at a cost of just 160 dollars.

However, the exact length of the visa will be determined by a consular officer after the background check and the interview.

Who will be negatively affected

Those who will have some issues in acquiring Visas will be those specialists who’s profession may require a few different things to be taken into consideration. Performers and journalists are already required to have a separate visa for travel into the US. Workers will also be needing a work visa, as they are paid by a US Company.

It is expected that this program will affect business people the most and especially those who travel very often in and out of the States. Also those businesspeople who’ve recently traveled to Iran will probably have some negatives to encounter with this, especially due to the fact that the nuclear deal has opened up opportunities for them.

On top of this, the Iranian government has expressed its anger regarding the law violating the deal. However, they have been promised several extensive visas will be made available to alleviate this.

Dual Citizens

Should you have a ESTA USA passport and have recently traveled to the designated countries or should you have visited these countries, you will not be required to get the visa . More information can be found on

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