Are steel buildings safe for animals?

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THUNDER BAY – Steel buildings are increasingly popular for many purposes, such as garages, storage sheds, sports arenas, and even in some cases, homes. They are popular because of their many advantages, namely quick construction, low material cost, sturdiness, and more. Many people may be tempted to use steel construction for their horse barns, but are these structures really safe for animals?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Think about it this way: If steel can be used to construct buildings that that house human beings, why wouldn’t they be safe for animals? There are several factors that make steel barns ideal for animals such as horses.

First, steel barns provide a temperate climate inside for the animals. Other types of barns can create a very hot interior environment, which means they need to be cooled on the inside to keep the animals safe, which is an added hassle and expense.

Second, steel is impervious to invaders such as bugs, mold, mildew or fungi that can very easily grow and spread on other types of structures such as wood. With a steel barn, you’ll never have the issue of termites or parasites threatening the health of your horses. Mold or mildew also won’t be able to grow on a steel barn and compromise both the structure itself and the health of the animals inside it.

Another way in which a steel barn protects the health and safety of your animals is that steel is not flammable/combustible. Steel can endure very high temperatures, so even if there were to be a fire inside the barn (a hay fire, for example) the structure will be able to withstand the heat much more effectively than a wood barn, which would effectively serve as more fuel to the flames. With a steel structure, the walls and roof won’t collapse, which buys the horses more time to get out safely.

Finally, steel barns provide a sanitary environment for your animal. Not only do they resist invaders and mold as described above, they can easily be washed and sterilized as necessary. Washing a steel barn can be as simple as spraying it down with hot water from a pressure washer. This makes a steel barn much lower maintenance than a wood building, which may need to be scrubbed to remove the early signs of mold and mildew.

Because the pieces used to construct steel buildings can be made offsite and then assembled on your farm, you can go from having no barn to having a beautiful, durable, and comfortable barn for your horses quickly and economically.

If you are considering purchasing a steel barn for your horses, go ahead! They are some of the best, most durable, and safest structures in which to house your prized animals. Companies like Cyclone Buildings offer a wide variety of steel building options for a many different applications – including horse barns!

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