Northern Ontario Party Concerned over Toronto Focus

Letters to the Editor

The GTA is all That Matters in Kathleen Wynne’s world

LETTERS – When the Northern Ontario Party was registering with Elections Ontario, Kathleen Wynne was asked about the ramifications of having such a Party. Kathleen stated, “That Northern Ontario is a critical part of this province and our fates are intertwined, …We need to find ways to make sure there are equal opportunities in both parts of the province.[1]” How has Wynne, or any of the big 3 political parties done this?

This week, Wynne is working on a housing solution for Ontario. This housing solution is only focused on Toronto and the GTA. Where is the solution for the lack of affordable housing for the vulnerable populations that live in Northern Ontario? The Toronto housing crisis has been caused by many reasons, but the one reason, Wynne, and her government don’t talk about, is the fact that people are forced to flee the north to find jobs in the south. Why doesn’t this government invest in the northern job markets to create “equal opportunities” throughout Ontario? How many families have to leave the north to find work before the southern ran government does something?

Ms. Wynne, again tries to make this uniquely GTA issue into a provincial one when she states “A strong housing market is reflective of Ontario’s strong economy”[2], has she or her government looked outside of the GTA? Northern Ontario and other parts of the province are not experiencing this strong economy. However, these areas continue to suffer from her bad government policies such as the hydro one disaster and the carbon tax, gas hikes, and as a result, the North continues to shed jobs to cheaper markets around the world.

Trevor Holliday, the Northern Ontario Party leader, states that Northern Ontario is already paying enough for Wynne and her Toronto-based commitment, When will she actually be concerned about the communities who built Toronto? Mr. Holliday concludes his statement by saying” It is time for Northern Ontario to unite and stop voting for the big parties of Toronto, but for the ONLY party who will care for Northern Ontario and our future“.

The Northern Ontario Party believes that the Ontario government needs to stop, just focusing on Toronto and the GTA. But needs to give  Northern Ontario its fair slice of the provincial pie, as well.

Myles Clayton

Media and Social Media Manager

Northern Ontario Party

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