Premier Wynne Sees Support Slide

Premier Kathleen Wynne
Premier Kathleen Wynne

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has the support of twelve per cent of Ontario voters according to the latest Angus Reid Poll.

The pollster says, “Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s slide towards single digit job approval continues. After another four-point drop in quarterly job performance approval analysis by the Angus Reid Institute, the provincial Liberal leader now holds the endorsement of just 12 per cent of people in her province.

An additional analysis by ARI, published today, sheds light upon some of the frustrations Ontarians are voicing regarding the provincial government’s decision to sell shares in Hydro One to private investors.

Indeed, more than eight-in-ten Ontarians oppose the deal, and three-quarters say they will be keeping electricity-related issues front of mind in the coming provincial election. This, and the impending September trials of Ontario Liberal members in Sudbury and Toronto, are among the issues that are likely to set a difficult path ahead for the embattled Wynne.