Blood is the First Defense Line Against Potential Threats

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LONDON – HEALTH – Blood is the main connective tissue within our bodies and it fulfills a lot of healthful functions which enable us to function properly. It has a fairly complex composition and there are a lot of important proteins, nutrients as well as hormones and thrombocytes cells which not only have the function of protecting us from unforeseen viruses or disease but it also plays a crucial role in regulating our system.

Functions of the blood can be described in more than one way in different levels of detail as biology courses are encompassing at least the amount of information needed in order for people to make sure what crucial role does it serve to our systems. More info about how the blood functions can be found at

Amazing Regulatory Capacity

Blood is highly considered the best way in which our organism functions within optimal parameters in such a way that it regulates the temperature within our bodies to maintain it at normal and constant levels in which it is tolerated with amazing ease.

Not only is it controlling our oxygen levels within our bodies but it also controls hydrogen by accurately balancing the pH. Blood is also in charge of administrating water and salt levels through our body and it dictates when we need to consume these substances in order to function properly.

Important Addition to our Respiratory Function

Blood is the main means of communication within our system in which oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported. Oxygen is transported within the blood vessels by being diffused through plasma and attaches directly to red blood cells and when combined with hemoglobin, your body will surely work around the clock to ensure that each cell within the body will work properly by being oxygenated.

Carbon dioxide on the other hand is taken from cells which have amassed it and transported back to the lungs where it gets expelled through the process of releasing it into the atmosphere by our lungs combined with our entire respiratory system.

Fends Off Disease

Another important function of our circulator system is that it has the main role of battling viruses with the help of white blood cells. These cells immediately recognize a foreign object which enters our organism and immediately perceives it as a threat. Such organisms are generally in the form of viruses and some of them are immediately taken care of our immune system.

Blood is the first defense line when it comes to fending off disease and that is why it is important to keep a strong immune system in order to stay protected from any potential disease before it even begins to spread within our bodies.

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