Why online casinos are always your best bet

According to recent reports by Wells Fargo, the revenue generated by bricks and mortar casinos in Macau could fall by up-to 25% in December this year. This would represent a significant drop, and worryingly it is also part of an ongoing, global trend

According to recent reports by Wells Fargo, the revenue generated by bricks and mortar casinos in Macau could fall by up-to 25% in December this year. This would represent a significant drop, and worryingly it is also part of an ongoing, global trend

LONDON – Who doesn’t enjoy a night out at the casino? Gather your squad and get dressed up in your sharpest outfits, and enjoy an evening of glitz, glamour and hopefully some nice wins. Nothing beats it, right? Well, if you had told me ten years ago that I would one day spurn my favourite night out in favour of a virtual option, I would have raised a sceptical eyebrow and dismissed you out of hand. Fast forward to now, however, and I am a full convert to the online casino. And if you haven’t caught up yet, here’s why you should.

It doesn’t always have to be an expensive night out

Yes, it’s fun to get your glad rags on and hit the town, but a big night out requires some organization and not a little bit of money. By the time you’ve even got to the casino, you will have already forked out for travel and maybe a new outfit for the often stringent dress-codes demanded. Add to that the premium-priced cocktails and snacks, and if you come home empty-handed (which unfortunately we often do) that’s one expensive evening. Online casinos allow you to bypass all the extra costs and get on your favorite online slots. This is really what it’s really all about – enjoying the thrill of the games.

Anywhere, anytime

In addition to avoiding extra expense, playing online casino games gives you almost unlimited flexibility on where and when you decide to play. If there’s an internet connection, you can play, whether it’s from your comfy couch or enjoying a drink in the sunshine at your local cafe. A few spins on the online slots has got me through many a bout of 2 a.m. insomnia. The recent rise of mobile gaming has opened out options even further, and anyone with a smartphone really can play anywhere, anytime.

More variety

I enjoy a tried-and-tested game as much as the next person, blackjack being my personal favourite. But since I started playing online casino, I have been totally blown away by the incredible variety and choice that is now available. The online platform has allowed developers to flex their creative muscles, and the range of slot games alone could keep anyone amused for hours. Add to that the access to some rarer card games, and online platforms far surpass anything that land-based casinos have to offer.

Multiple languages and currencies

Online casino platforms supply multiple language support, which means that no matter where you’re from, chances are there will be the chance to play using a language you are familiar with, from Arabic to Swedish. Likewise, most of the popular online casinos accept a number of different currencies, so there is no need to convert to an unfamiliar currency before you play.

Keep track of your money

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you convert your money into chips at the casino, you lose all sense of the value of what you have in your hands. I’ve been guilty of some pretty reckless wagers in my time, but something I noticed when I started playing online is that my impulsiveness seemed to decrease of its own accord, and my returns started to improve. I put this down to the fact that on my online casino account, I always have a display of my available money to refer to. This keeps me in check, and since I made the move to online I haven’t been tempted to overspend.

Free money and better payouts

A bricks-and-mortar casino has a lot of overheads. All that glamour comes with a price, from the cost of the building and equipment to employing staff. Online platforms sidestep all these costs, and as a result they can afford to offer players free bonuses which can reach the thousands of dollars. Another benefit of the reduced running costs is that online casinos often have much better payouts for players.

Less pressure

Your first visit to a casino can be a little intimidating. I’ll never forget my casino debut, which was rather implausibly on a ritzy party boat in Goa on New Year’s Eve some ten years ago. I was far too shy and nervous to really get involved in the action, and I was more concerned about making a fool of myself than enjoying the games tables. Online casinos offer full support on how to actually play the games, and there’s no need to worry that someone is looking over your shoulder or getting impatient while you deliberate your next move.

I still enjoy the occasional night out at the casino, it’s true. But whether you are a newbie or an old hand, online casinos offer an unparalleled gaming experience which really can’t be beaten.

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