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THUNDER BAY – BEAUTY – Angie asks: “How to do smokey eye or cat eye make up on hooded eyes.”

I will teach you Angie is 6 easy steps to a perfect cat eye!hood-1

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Hooded eyes are a pain in the butt because when you close your eye, it really seems like you have lots of space. But you don’t really because once you open your eye, it overlaps and hides half your makeup. So for any time you want to do eye shadow, remember to put everything above the crease. When you close your lid you might think you are going too high or far out but try to apply with your eyes open to see where your smoke from your shadow is going to go. use step 1 below for this application too.


1.hood-2Choose a liquid/cream liner that is waterproof. Hooded eyes tend to smudge and grab liner as the day goes on and oils, sweat and heat effect your makeup. Mark out where the end of where your eye lid is hooded so you know that you won’t be bringing your wing of the cat eye into that space where you won’t see it.


Draw in to connect the end of the wing to your lash line. This is where you can decide how thick and angular you want to make your cat eye.


If you aren’t steady handed you can rest your palm of your hand on your cheek. Draw the lower line at the angle and length that you want your cat eye.


Decide how thick you want your cat eye. Do you want it Amy Whinehouse? or a classic Dita Von Teese? Start mid way from the bottom line to attach to where you have mapped out where it connects to your eye.

5. +  6.hood-6

Fill in the wing, smoothing out all the connecting lines.

Last is run your liner across your lash line, keeping it fine and just bringing it to the thickness at the outer end to the wing. You can either draw one straight line or draw several short lines. If you make a mistake you can take your concealer or shadow that you are using and brush along to hide and correct any mistakes.

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