Ontario Residents are Saving Cash: Here’s how you can too


THUNDER BAY – We are doing quite well for ourselves in Ontario at the moment and we should all be proud of ourselves. He have excellent healthcare, a brilliant school system, low crime rate, and have simply proven to be the best place to live in Canada (I am biased, though). Ontario residents also have a few more tricks up our sleeves as we are also finding ways to keep the cost of living down, which is always good, so if you’re struggling to make ends meet and need a little direction on how you can save money, then I’ve complied a short list to help you out. You’re welcome.

  1. YouTube DIY – It’s becoming increasingly common that people don’t know basic DIY, which is fine as there are many tradesmen who are waiting to help you out … for a large fee. Some DIY is so simple, but because of a lack of knowledge people would rather hire someone then figure it out themselves. Check out YouTube for free and you will often find expert tutorials on simple DIY like wiring plugs or hanging wallpaper. You will save quite a bit if you live in one of those houses where there is always something going wrong.
  2. Toy Swap – There is an interesting trend that I’m being made aware of recently and it’s a way to save money on expensive new toys for your children. A toy swap is where you exchange your child’s old toys with another child’s old toys so that they become new toys. This way your child gets new toys without you having to spend any money.
  3. Memberships – Memberships are usually pretty expensive, whether it’s to a gym or a wine club. Have a long hard look at your memberships and think about whether you really use their services enough to justify all of that spending?
  4. Cheaper Nights Out – It’s important to spend time with your partner and go on nights out, however think about the types of events you go to. Concerts, the theatre, and nice restaurants and bars are all well and good, but they are usually very expensive. Try picnics and check out some bingo sites, which is doubly good because you might even end up making money. Always look out for cheaper alternatives when date night comes along.
  5. Green Alternatives – Being green will not only give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing that you’ll be saving the planet, but it will also lessen the load on your wallet. Switch to a ceiling fan instead of air conditioning and swap to energy saving lightbulbs and showers and you will save a substantial amount each year.
  6. Sweaters and Slippers – Look, I know it gets cold up here, it’s one of the downsides with living closer to the Arctic Circle, however stop reaching for the heating every time there’s a chill in the air. If it’s December and you’re sat in a t-shirt in your living room with the central heating on, then there is a problem. Before you reach for the heater, put on a sweater, some nice woolly socks and slippers; throw on a blanket and only then turn the heating on if you’re still cold.
  7. Vegi-Home Meals – There are two things you’re probably doing that are draining your budget when it comes to food: eating lots of meat and eating out. As I’ve already said eating out is really expensive, so only do it for special occasions like birthdays. When you cook at home, you need to increase you repertoire to include lots of delicious vegetarian foods. They are so much healthier and so much cheaper than meat based meals.

And that is my 7 really simple ways you can save money. There are hundreds of tips on the internet, so combine up a few of them and you will be saving a considerable amount come the end of the year.

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