5 Conditions that can be treated with stem cells

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TORONTO – Stem cell technology is the most established and widely used therapy that came into being by combined endeavors of cell biologists, clinicians and geneticists. Stem cell treatment uses the transplantation of stem cells and offers an effective cure for a variety of diseases and injuries.

Some of that conditions that can be effectively treated by stem cell therapy are as follows:


A slippery tissue cushions the ends of the joints in your body; it caters to frictionless movement of the joints. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which patients confront the degeneration of the cartilage due to which the surface becomes rough and they are left with bone rubbing on bone. As a result, the mobility of joints including ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joints becomes painful. The stem cell therapy is designed to target these areas between the joints and repair the slippery cartilage tissues to assist frictionless motion of the joints.

Lower Back Pain

Degenerative disc disease is affecting a huge proportion of population around the globe and has a strong impact over patients and healthcare providers. Damage or inflamed tissues that are a major cause of lower back pain can be effectively treated now with stem cell based treatments. Bone marrow concentrated cells (BMC) contain an array of stem and progenitor cells that can positively affect the nucleus of pulposus cells – a jelly like substance in the center of intervertebral disc. Stem cell treatment for lower back pain through BMC cells has the ability to treat moderate to severe discogenic pain in lower back.

Chronic Pain

Headaches, joint pain, pain from injury and backaches are the most common sources of chronic pain. The pain can be severe to mild and episodic to continuous and it can prevail in the body from months to years. Adult stem cell therapy is now available at Stem Cell Treatment Therapy Center to treat chronic pain sufferers. The innovative stem cell technology uses the body’s own stem cells to repair and regenerate the defective tissues that cater to increased mobility and functioning of the affected areas.


Patients with Leukemia are sometimes treated by the higher dose of chemotherapy that is combined with radiotherapy at times to destroy cancer cells. But it can also affect the healthy bone marrow which is then restored by stem cell transplant (STP).

Spinal Cord Injury

When the spinal cord is injured the body is unable to replace the lost cells. In this case, patient may become impaired permanently or end up with sever movement and sensation disabilities. These symptoms are expected to be treated with stem cell transplant directly into the grey matter of patient’s spinal cord to create circuitry for the transmission of nerve signals to muscles.

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