Gambling Growth Is Happening in Your Pocket

Gambling Growth Is Happening in Your Pocket

Smartphones are used by millions of people all over the world

LAS VEGAS – Gambling is on the rise in the past decades and especially in the past few years. And yet the number of casinos visits and the amounts wagered in casinos all over the world haven’t increased significantly. But this is no paradox or anything weird. It’s simply that people nowadays tend to play casino games on their electronic devices or to be more precise on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Until recently people played on their desktop computer and laptops, but several years ago it became clear that the future is casino apps and now a large percentage of all gambling is done via mobile devices and that percentage is expected to grow even further. Some even predict that mobile casino gaming will surpass conventional casino gaming and computer casino gaming.

Number of Mobile Devices Keeps Growing

Back in 2014 it was published that there are more mobile devices than people. But the more important fact was that the number of mobile devices is increased five times faster than the number of people. Moreover, not only has the number of mobile subscriptions and mobile devices increased significantly, but also the number of things a mobile device can be used for. Those of us who are old enough remember the days when it was only possible to save contacts, make phone calls and send texts and the progress in the field of mobile technology is more than astonishing.

Popularity of Smartphones

Mobile devices are so popular because they now serve a multitude of purposes. There are very few things that a smartphone can’t be used for. You can install all sorts of different apps. Some of them are quite professional and sophisticated, whereas others are rather simple. Statistics show that entertainment-related apps are the most used ones and people spend the most time playing games. With the improved processors and the technology that is now used for mobile game development, the games are of really high quality.

Mobile Casino Gaming

Casino games can be very entertaining, especially because they include the opportunity of earning quite large amounts of money. Casino operators are quite innovative and they saw the potential behind mobile casino gaming and started investing a lot of time and effort. The game and software developers started optimising their games for mobile devices and some even offered complete mobile casino solutions. Certain mobile casinos already have pretty impressive libraries, whereas other still offer a limited amount of game, but all operators make sure that their best and most popular games are available for mobile devices as well.

Gambling Growth Is Happening in Your Pocket
Smartphones are used by millions of people all over the world and many use them for casino gaming. We reckon that it will keep on growing in the future

Mobile Gaming Is Here to Stay

All of the above clearly implies that mobile casino gaming is not just a temporary phase or trend. On the contrary, it will keep on growing. Like we said, the number of mobile devices in the world is constantly growing and some areas of the world witnessed a very fast mobile penetration. In Africa, the mobile penetration reached 67% at the beginning of 2015 and now it is even higher. Therefore, it is not surprising that operators now put a very high emphasis on mobile apps and try to provide the best possible mobile gaming experience to its players.

Why People Love Mobile Gaming

There are many reasons why a lot of players choose mobile casino gaming, but few are prevalent.

  • Mobile gaming is a lot more convenient.
  • Smartphones are the most used devices and we always carry them with us.
  • A mobile app is just one click away.

Statistics even show that on average, people who play on their mobile devices spend more money than those who bet on their computers. The mobile phones will be even more powerful and user-friendly in the future and the operators and developers will keep investing a lot of money and resources on mobile casino gaming and therefore it is certain that the mobile casino experience will become even more fulfilling and more user-friendly. Mobile casino gaming is definitely the future and it will be even more rewarding both for the players and the operators.

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