Full Moon Ceremony Celebrates Grandmother Moon

Full Moon Ceremony at Kam River Park in Thunder Bay Ontario
Full Moon Ceremony at Kam River Park in Thunder Bay Ontario

THUNDER BAY – Aabita-Niibing-Giizis (Mid-Summer Moon) Native people understand that everything in Creation has spirit. The plants, the trees, the water, the wind, the rocks, and the mountains all have spirit. The sky worlds, including the moon, and other planets, have spirit. All of these are part of our first family, the natural world.

The moon is called Grandmother Moon in the Anishinawbe world. We refer to her as Nokomis our Grandmother Moon.

Great respect is given to her. For a woman who has experienced domestic violence, or sexual assault, it is important she know the power of the Grandmother Moon which can give her healing and balanced energy.

Women can ask the Grandmother Moon for direction in life, for wisdom, and for help for her children and others. Some teachings say that when the moon is full, women can ask Grandmother Moon to give them energy.

Around the full moon, women on their moon-time become very intuitive. It is an opportunity for women to take time for themselves to help foster their intuition and to have strong dreams. It is said that Grandmother Moon watches over the waters of the Earth. We see this in her regulating of the tides.

Grandmother Moon controls all female life. Much of the water life spawns according to the cycles of the moon.

Just as Grandmother Moon watches over the waters of the Earth, it is said that women watch over the waters of the people.

Water always comes before new life. It is said that Grandmother Moon is especially close to women because she governs the woman’s cleansing cycle, the natural cycle of menstruation known as the moon-time. The moon-cycle is a gift to women.

It is a time to cleanse her self mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to prepare for new life. It is considered a time of power, second only to the ability of the Great Spirit to give life. That is how strong that power is. Some teachings say that when women are on their moon time, the Creator comes closer to them.

When women are on their moon-time, their power is at its strongest and this is acknowledged in that they do not prepare foods or medicines, take part in ceremonies or use the pipes and drums and rattles.

Chi meegwech for joining together to welcome Oshkiagoojin.

Amanda Perreault

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