Domestic Violence NEVER Acceptable

Participants at ONWA's First Annual Pow Wow dance in honour of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women
Participants at ONWA's First Annual Pow Wow dance in honour of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women

THUNDER BAY – As a freelance makeup artist, I work on a lot of different types of makeup. I do weddings, prom/grad, special events, makeup lessons, high fashion photoshoots, commercials, tv and film. I do everything from pretty and cute — to blood and gore.. That’s what is great when you get get to my level, I don’t pin myself down to just one style, or just only focus on weddings, high fashion, editorial or special effects. Living in a small city there is very limited opportunities, there are many but if you can’t know the difference between a wedding, makeup lessons or filming makeup you can’t bridge out.

I work with a film company in town called Apple Wagon Films, run by Curtis Jensen. He too does everything (weddings, commercials, tv and film). Lately we have been working with the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service and the Ontario Native Womens Association – ONWA building tv spots and campaigns like “Breaking Free” and “Was It Worth It?”. Both deal with domestic violence and how it can affect the surrounding lives of all affected.

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“Breaking Free” is a very important psa filmed by Apple Wagon Films. So many families try to stay for the kids not understanding the effect of what they hear and see and why you need to leave.

As much as I love doing gross, gory makeup with my freelance company Elegant Embodiments. This what seems to be simple makeup but extremely important makeup.  It’s not all just running mascara, but the cracked dry lips, the  broken capillaries on her nose, the slight cut on her lip, the aging lines and sullen skin: this gives the look that even though a great actress can make the look, the small additions creates a full picture.

These makeups and being on set for filming different domestic violence scenes can be hard on everyone, the actors are amazing and bring such full feeling to each scene. As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, It can set off feelings and sometimes flash backs but I want to keep working so more people can get help, stop the violence so more people don’t end up like me or worse.

“This is part 1 of the videos we recently produced for Ontario Native Women’s Association, which was a bit of a passion project for both myself and the other talented artists I had the opportunity to collaborate with on it and I think it shows!

Please give it a watch and a share to help spread awareness of a very real issue affecting many individuals and families within Northwestern Ontario. Help them break through. Help them break free.” -Curtis Jensen of Apple Wagon Films

Breaking Free, Breaking Through (Extended) from Apple Wagon Films on Vimeo.

Please watch, go to and share, and if you want to share a story or need help please call a women’s organization, if you need help or just someone to talk to pleas call:

ASSAULTED WOMEN’S HELPLINE Toll-Free: 1-866-863-0511

1. Was It Worth It? – Domestic Violence from Apple Wagon Films on Vimeo.

Scotia Kauppi

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