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Blush otherwise known as cheek colour(guess where it goes) can comes in creams, gel, liquids, and powders(loose and pressed).  Powder blush is the most common to find and is the easiest to use.


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Blush gives the face a natural-looking glow and helps creates facial contours. Though if used incorrectly, it can age the appearance of the face or create a clown/doll-like look.

Mistake: You apply the wrong formula.

There are three types of blushes: powders, creams, and stains. If you have oily skin, a stain works well. And creamy formulas are great for normal or combination skin. And despite popular belief, stains and creams aren’t so great for dry skin. They crack when they dry, which can age your face. Instead, stick with a powder.

Contouring is applied to minimize a certain area.
Shading a feature diminishes it.contour

EX. A receding chin can look more prominent by using a lighter foundation on the chin.
to diminish the appearance of a protruding forehead, apply a darker foundation over the area.
You can correct a wide nose but placing a darker shade of foundation on both sides of the nose and lighter shade on the center of the nose.

“Contouring is all the rage, but very few realize that there are different kinds of contouring: every day, special occasions, and or photoshoots/wedding”  Read more about Contouring here

Mistake: You pick the wrong color.

Something too dark or too bright can make you look older. The key is to choose something that’s close to your natural flush. And the best way to figure out what that is to pinch your cheeks lightly.  If you have a naturally redder face from medication or if you have roseaca: make sure to do this with your foundation on first as the red will throw off what colour your flush is but I would recommend in this situation to keep closer to lighter pinks and peach tones.

All the blushes from MUD makeup. I personally use Cool Mauve and Rose Petal the most
 Mistake: You use the wrong brush.

A tightly packed brush can pick up too much product and overload your face with color. The better choice? A loose brush because it picks up less powder (just be sure to tap off any excess) so you don’t have a big ball of color right on your cheek. I prefer to get more definition a angled blush brush.

Mistake: Blush is fading throughout the day

Notice that your blush has all but disappeared in just a few hours? It might be rubbing off, or absorbing into your skin. Make sure you have your primer/moisturizer and foundation on first. Not only will this even out your skin tone, but it will also help set your blush, and make it last throughout the day.

What blush do you like? I have a nice pack at home that has highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one so when you swipe your brush you get all 3… just have to make sure not to put it on upside down haha!

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