Winnipeg Healer Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Crime Report Thunder Bay

WINNIPEG – CRIME Reports – A male who worked as a traditional Aboriginal Healer now faces sexual assault charges in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Police report that on May 11, 2106 the Winnipeg Police Sex Crimes Unit began an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault that had occurred on May 8, 2016.

The accused in this matter is employed as a Traditional Aboriginal Healer who provides counselling and healing sessions.

The victim, a thirty-two-year-old female, had been participating in a healing session with the accused. The suspect apparently convinced the woman to attend a further, additional session, after hours.

The thirty-two year old woman was picked-up by the accused, and driven to a remote location where she was sexually assaulted.

She subsequently contacted police who began an investigation.

Robert HOTOMANI, 44 years, was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault.

Hotomani has been detained in custody.