The Decoys Bring “In our Blood Tour” to Thunder Bay

The Decoys

The DecoysTHUNDER BAY – ENTERTAINMENT – Wiggins Productions will be hosting The Decoys: In Our Blood Tour, Friday, May 13 at The Foundry. Also on the bill is Waterloo, ON’s Long Range Hustle (alt-indie rock) and TBay’s Kyle Shushack (acoustic). Doors at 10pm. Cover is $5. Age of majority required (19+).

The Decoys are a Canadian rock band based out of Kamloops, BC. Though the musical influences of each member of the group varies greatly, the core of the band takes it’s musical roots from the classic rock of the 60s and 70s; the spirit of artists like Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Neil Young can be found at the heart of the band. The group consists of Matt Stanley on guitar and vocals, Sean Poissant on drums and Brendan Methot on Bass.

The origins of The Decoys began in 2008, when Stanley self-released his debut recording, “The Life & Times EP.” Originally intending the EP to be a collection of folk songs, he later pursued a more rock based sound due to encouragement from producer Henry Small (Prism, Scrubbaloe Caine, John Entwisle Band). Shortly after the release of “The Life & Times” in October of 2008 Stanley formed the beginning of what would soon become The Decoys. Drummer Sean Poissant joined the band in May of 2010 and by the following month they began recording their first full-length album, “Stripped, Bare, And On Display”. Co-produced by Henry Small, “Stripped, Bare, And On Display” was released in August of 2011 with The singles “I Know”, “Modern Disaster” and “Why You Gotta Talk To Me Like That?” receiving steady airplay on many stations in Western Canada.

The Decoys finished recording their sophomore album, “In Our Blood”, in the spring of 2015 and it’s slated for release this October. Their latest singles “Don’t Hesitate” and “The Underdog” have already created buzz for this much anticipated album. With the addition of bassist Brendan Methot in the Spring of 2015, they’ve been touring the western half of Canada to much acclaim.

Hours before the release of Long Range Hustle’s album From Seedlings to Saplings (2015), Paul Brogee (vocals, guitar, violin), Jay Foster (vocals, piano), Mike Brogee (bass), Josh Weiss (guitar) and AJ Fisico (drums) were setting up their gear, anticipating the crowd. The band started as a collaboration between university friends in 2009, drawing on their diverse musical backgrounds ranging from jazz to rock to classical, but sharing a common love for songwriting and performing. They developed a rousing flavour of indie rock – a distinct five-piece sound, notable for their warm infectious melodies, driving rhythms and gorgeous harmonies. Long Range Hustle’s reputation as powerhouse performers began to spread across the Toronto area, and with the release of their debut album, In Case of Fire (2010), they began touring further across Canada. Five years later, they were ready to play their hearts out releasing their sophomore effort, and they hoped the audience would be there to join them. On that warm night in 2015, the house was packed. There was a lineup out the door and down Queen St. It was a sign – this had grown into something special.

From Seedlings to Saplings captures a period of change for Long Range Hustle. It’s a long-exposure photograph of a band over the course of five years, shifting musical styles as the band evolved. You can hear the time pass as opener “Her Majesty (I, II)” kicks into “Up and Up”, a grand and sweeping proclamation leading into an upbeat dance number, a celebration of the time gone by. “Engine Parts” aches, and “Three Bells” soars, as the band found new ways to express itself over that time.

It’s hard to say what comes next for Long Range Hustle, though the band’s explosive energy offers a suggestion. They’re excited, and the sweat they leave on the stage is a testament to that. The energy comes from the thrill of change, and the new frontiers that change makes possible. They’re hard at work on their third album, more driven than ever to keep making music, and more ready than ever for what comes next.

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