How Online Tech Has Revolutionised Casino Gaming in Canada

Casino Gambling

The online world has revolutionised almost every consumer industry in Canada over the last couple of decades.

From the way we shop to the way we order a takeout, online technology has allowed us to do more things in less time from the comfort of our own home. In fact, such is the reach of modern online and now mobile technology that almost ever consumer industry has been touched by it.

One industry that seems to have blossomed more than most thanks to the online revolution is casino gaming. Once the reserve of high stakes gamblers hidden away in lavish gambling establishments across Canada, casino gaming is now a booming industry generating billions of dollars each year.

Virtual Tech Makes Casino Games for All

Keyboard Indeed, thanks to online software suppliers such as Microgaming, casual players can now power up their laptop or mobile and play a vast array of casino classics, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and even slots. Not only that, but they can play for super low stakes and even take advantage of prize giveaways.

Essentially, online casinos have made the games we see in films, such as blackjack in 21 and The Hangover, seem more accessible and more entertaining. Because players don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the rush of cards the inimitable Alan did in The Hangover, it’s made the industry a lot more appealing.

Moreover, like other industries such as car or insurance sales, the Internet has spawned a wave of comparison and review sites. Set up to show newbies the ways of the world and what the best deals are, sites such as play a similar role for prospective casino players as does for shoppers or does for those wanting insurance.

Online Play Sparks Live Revolution

Casino GamblingIn fact, this is one of the reasons more people are now finding their way to an online casino site. Because software developers such as Microgaming build certain provisions into their platforms, it makes it possible for operators (the brands that use the software) to offer free games.

Basically, by visiting a casino comparison site, a player can read about the best Microgaming casino bonus (which will give you free cash to play with for completing certain tasks) or free play offer and jump straight into the action without having to spend their own money. This try before you buy culture has lead to millions of Canadians “anteing up” and that’s had a knock-on effect in the real world.

Thanks to the advent of online casino gaming and companies such as Microgaming, Canada’s live casinos have benefited from a boom in recent years. In fact, since the iGaming industry (online casino, poker and betting sites) started to reach their peak in 2005/2006, the Canadian gaming market has boomed.

More Revenue = More Tax = Stronger Economy

Online Gambling and BusinessFrom a total annual revenue of just over CA$5.3 billion in 2006 to a high of CA$6.2 billion in 2015, more people than ever are now trying their luck in casinos across Canada the major catalyst for this is online gaming. Thanks to online casinos, comparison sites and the ability to claim bonuses and play for free (you can even play casino games via Facebook now), more people have been able to enjoy the thrills of blackjack, roulette and everything in between.

This increase in popularity has led to more people patronising Canadian casinos and that’s resulted in more tax dollars for the economy. While many technophobes are quick to disparage the advent of online technology, there’s no doubt it’s been hugely beneficial to Canada’s economy in recent years and online casinos are just another part of that process.

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