Thunder Bay Police Log 58 Calls for Service

Crime Update

Thunder Bay PoliceAssaults and Robberies Keep Police Busy

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – Police were kept on their toes over the past 24 hours. Officers responded to fifty-eight calls for service. The majority of the calls were alcohol related.

There were three Assaults in the downtown Port Arthur area. The first on Friday at 11:23AM on Court Street South.

Saturday in the early morning hours a pair of apparently unrelated Assaults, one at 02:19AM there was another Assault in the 1 block of Court Street North.

The second early morning Assault happened at 02:27AM in the 200 Block of Red River Road.

There was a robbery in the 200 block of Cumberland Street North at 2:00AM early Friday morning.

On Friday morning at 2:21AM there was another robbery in the 900 Block of Red River Road.

Early Saturday morning in the 1000 Block of Dawson Road, at 12:48AM there was a robbery reported to Police.

Earlier in the day. Police responded to a Weapons call in the 200 block of West Frederica Street in Westfort at 12:21PM EST.

Later on friday, in Westfort, officers also responded to a robbery  in the 200 block of West Frederica.