Negotiating the Right to Safety and Well-being – ORC Day

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day with Autumn at the Kam River Park in Thunder Bay
Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day with Autumn at the Kam River Park in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY –  I woke up 3am to ready myself for a two hour trip to the airport. Today, the Chiefs of Ontario will be supporting negotiations in Community Safety and Policing and open dialogue with Ontario on Child Welfare Jurisdiction.

This is an early morning trip that gives me time to reflect:

What is most important to our First Nation People; and what can I do today to ensure we help move our communities forward?

In light of the tragic events at Lac La Loche, I can’t help but connect the dots of common sense when I reflect on two meetings I will attend today: First Nation Children Welfare Jurisdiction and Community Safety and Policing. The safety of our children is obviously more than a right; it’s a responsibility – an obligation that we must embrace as a life’s mission – it’s the only alternative.

My thoughts and prayers to the community of Lac La Loche, the family and the friends of those that were senselessly murdered. Trying to calculate any reason for this heinous act is futile – it is chilling and unsettling. WE MUST PROTECT OUR PEOPLE. And we must even reflect on how we might protect and nurture those souls that may eventually become darkened by loneliness, grief, addiction, post-traumatic turmoil and deep mental health issues that could potentially endanger the lives of others including the hurt soul themselves.

Today in putting forward our concerns regarding child welfare and policing; it’s simple, again; WE MUST PROTECT OUR PEOPLE!

From cradle to grave there is no other jurisdiction that has a right to infringe upon this inherent obligation for our First Nations to care for and protect our own.

In my discussions today, I will raise, and regrettably use this terrible event as an example of what is possible in any of our First Nations, more so because of the oppression, depression and deep poverty and despair that exists in our First Nations.

Prayers to all, hug your kids, your partners, say hello and smile at your fellow community member – cultivate love and friendship; forgive if you must!!! Ultimately – this is about ‪#‎HOPE‬ – that’s what people truly look for and embrace in this life.

For the people of Lac La Loche – I think about and dedicate the best and most heartfelt efforts to them in this, their greatest time of need.

Tomorrow, I will be in Ottawa to be present at the ruling announcement by the Human Rights Tribunal on Child Welfare. Cindy Blackstock, and her team that has work on this tirelessly and without relent, will finally hear what the tribunal declares.

We must continue our work for Community Safety, Child Welfare and continuing to making our First Nations a safe and secure place today, and for generations yet unborn.

Creators Blessings to you and yours today.

Isadore Day

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