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Dear Sweet Cherry,

I am going a little nuts from seeing all the home hair and skin remedies that ‘will totally change your life’. I have finicky hair and annoying combination skin so I often complain. People’s initial reaction to my venting of frustrations is to recommend whatever trendy remedy from a viral article; which 90% of the time I find don’t work or do more harm than good because of my unique needs. I would hate to hear of women like me who actually took the recommendations and did something to damage their skin.

Could you please address the issue of skin types and why using proper products for your type is important? And why viral trends are not a good way to care for your face?


I too go nuts when I see all the “magical” gimmicks they have that will make you loose weight, fix your skin, fix your hair, and whatever else that people need help with.

All the time these tips and tricks that go viral are vague. Yes for some people these do work, or they work with other products (that they don’t tell you about) or they are only for 1 specific problem and to use it on a different skin or hair type it will mess you up!

Sometimes adding these things can be good but when you are looking on how to improve your hair, or skin make sure when you are using google, to specifically address what your concern is.

Bad: “how to strengthen your hair”

Good: “how to strengthen curly dry hair” or “how to strengthen fine dry hair”

Asking a expert in the field is even a better idea because it can phase out just all the fluff. That’s why I am here writing this very article and why there are groups of different experts who can answer questions like: Joico Educators network.

There are so many fads that look like they are based in science or in “ancient cultures”.  One fad that is going around right now is the coconut oil fad.


I will totally admit that I use coconut oil, from watching documentaries like “Fat Head” for cooking with instead of vegetable oil or corn oil. I tired the oil pulling and I like to use coconut body butters.

“Seems throwing coconut oil around everything makes it explode with awesomeness, so I was considering it for keratosis pilaris. Are there peer reviewed studies or more serious tested proof for its uses?” – reddit : is it bs coconut oil

Coconut oil isn’t used in body butters and other beauty products in the way that it is represented: as a magical boost of vitamins, moisture and healthy fatty acids.

It is used more like this: It is used more as a base, to add other products to. It is also used as a latherer, to make the bubbles. It can be used to replace different chemicals in natural and organic products.

From my "Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients"

From my “Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients”

To Explore more in the pseudoscience in internet beauty fads keep reading the rest of my article here:

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