Why Solar Is Always a Good Investment for Your Home

Going Solar makes sense
Going Solar makes sense
Going Solar makes sense
Going Solar makes sense

THUNDER BAY  – LIVING – The popularity of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems has spiked over the last few years. It’s not because it’s a new thing, and it’s not just because the equipment has become more efficient and affordable than ever before. Homeowners across the world are realizing that this sustainable energy source can give the earth and everything on it a brighter future.

If you want to implement solar in your home or business but aren’t sure how the investment will pay off, there are plenty of reasons to take the plunge. First and foremost, switching to sustainable energy means cutting out the use of most harmful fossil fuels. By using a solar system for the whole life of its warranty (many function well beyond it), you will prevent enough C02 emissions to equal planting 30,000 square feet of trees. You will be one more user to tip the scale and make sustainable energy the default rather than the exception.

Here are a few other important reasons to invest in solar:

Solar Saves You Money

Utility rates are steadily rising. Home and business owners who rely on traditional energy will find it more and more expensive to provide for themselves and their families. Even though it can be hard to see past the initial investment required to switch to solar energy, it is guaranteed to pay itself off. From the moment you install your system, you will start saving money on your monthly energy bills, while staying tied to the grid so that you nightime energy needs will be met. Over time, you will recoup your investment, which means that your system will produce free, sustainable energy.

Solar Gives You Independence

One of the most promising things about installing a solar system is the self-sufficiency it brings. Those rising electricity rates will roll off your back. You will generate enough power to cover many of your daily energy needs right there in your own home or place of business. The independence is even more sweet for those who go off-grid; although systems that aren’t tied to the grid come with their own sacrifices, such as the cost of a storage battery.

Solar Is Reliable

The sun rises and sets at the exact time we expect it to. It shines on certain areas of our rooftops at the same times every day depending on the season. It cannot be bought or monopolized. And best of all, it’s not the least bit scarce. Energy from the sun is so abundant that, in a single day, the earth has access to thousands of times more energy than it requires to meet its every need.

Speaking of the solar equipment itself, the materials are durable enough to last for decades, even in spite of inevitable inclement weather. There are no moving parts, and the equipment requires no further maintenance than keeping the panels clear of debris and hosing off build-up like pollen and dirt as needed.

Solar Increases Your Home Value

Monthly savings aren’t the only financial benefit that comes with a solar photovoltaics system. Prospective buyers are on the lookout for rooftop solar modules, and they’re willing to pay more for homes with host-owned systems. Even if you don’t plan to live in your house for the next two decades, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the thought of investing in solar; your home’s value could increase by as much as $15,000.

Sustainable energy isn’t just a passing trend. It’s here to stay, and you may as well take advantages of the current incentives and tax breaks while they’re available.

Visit Modernize for more information on going solar in your home, then do right by your wallet and the world by taking the plunge.

Special to NetNewsLedger – written by Kelsey Meyers.

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