Election 360 – Week Eight – National Campaign Overview

Election 360 Week 8

Election 360 Week 8THUNDER BAY – ELECTION 360 – The national campaigns are firing salvoes at each other on a regular basis this past week. The polls are showing some national changes, with the New Democrats slipping due to a fall in support in Quebec.

The Nanos Nightly tracking shows, “Harper ahead of Trudeau while Mulcair hits September low as preferred PM

“Preferred Prime Minister – Harper edges out Trudeau and Mulcair while Mulcair’s trend line for September hits a low. Asked who Canadians would prefer as Prime Minister 30.2% said they preferred Harper while 27.2% preferred Trudeau, 24.4% preferred Mulcair, 5.5% preferred May, 1.9% preferred Duceppe and 10.8% were unsure.

“Nanos Party Power Index – The index which is a composite of a series of questions on vote preferences and impressions of the leaders has the Liberals and NDP with equivalent scores. The Liberals scored 53.8 out of a possible 100 points while the NDP scored 53.6 points, the Conservatives 49.5 points, the Greens 31.3 points and the BQ 30.3 points (QC only). The Conservatives have improved their score in Quebec over the course of the campaign from 38.1 points in early September to 47.4 points in the three day rolling average last evening but still score lower than the NDP who registered 59.5 points. In Quebec, the Liberal scored 48.4 points on the index, the BQ 30.3 points and the Greens 27.9 points.”

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