Biggest Canadian diamond ever being sold by Birks for $3.7M

Debeers is working to put the company on a carbon free footing


TORONTO – The North Star diamond is going on tour, and will be sold at Birks. The gemstone is making its debut alongside the stars at the Toronto International Film Festival. This big diamond beats out a 35-carat rough diamond mined in 2013 near Attawapiskat at the DeBeers Mine which was cut down to about 15 carats, for the title of the biggest diamond from Canada.

Birks, Canada’s leading jeweller and manufacturer of jewellery since 1879, states in a media release that the company is leveraging its diamond authority yet again by introducing the largest Canadian diamond ever mined. The North Star, a round brilliant diamond, weighs 15.10 carat, measures 15.87 by 9.77mm and was cut from a 55.07-carat rough stone extracted from the Diavik mine in the Northwest Territories just seven months ago. Birks has been committed to sourcing and providing its customers with Canadian diamonds exclusively, which have the unique attribute of being traceable back to their mine of origin, guaranteeing their provenance and ethical nature.

“Over two years ago Birks made its mark when it announced its commitment to provide only Canadian diamonds for all of its engagement rings as well as offer customers a guarantee of origin,” says Jean-Christophe Bédos, President and CEO of Birks Group Inc. “Today we are thrilled to be able to showcase the largest diamond ever mined in our country. This is in line with our company’s values of responsibility and commitment to respecting and promoting Canadian nature. It is a natural fit for a jeweller who was first established in Canada 136 years ago and has been an active and engaged community member in every city where a Birks store has been located over the years. The North Star diamond is a sparkling beauty, a unique gem that is sure to be treasured by its owner,” he concluded.

The 15-carat North Star diamond was mounted by Birks in its Montreal atelier as a ring in a platinum setting. It is being introduced during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) – of which Birks is a sponsor – where it is sure to shine in the spotlights and grab the attention of many. The diamond will be available for viewing in various Birks locations throughout Canada as well as in Mayors locations (also part of Birks Group) in Southern Florida and Georgia until it finds an owner.

The North Star diamond has a D Colour Grade, SI2 Clarity (Slightly Included) and Excellent Cut Grade, as certified by the GIA. Its Polish and Symmetry are Excellent.

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