Keep Hydro Public – Thunder Bay Explains Campaign

The electrification of the north will make economic sense for the region.

THUNDER BAY – Keep Hydro Public – Thunder Bay is holding a number of events, and rallies to help raise awareness and to stop the privatization of Hydro One. Terri Dimini from OPSEU, Kim Chicago from CUPE, and Ruth Westcott, a political organizer with Raise the Rates supported by CUPE stopped by the NetNewsLedger newsroom to share their views on the plans of the Ontario Government to sell off 60% of Hydro One.

The group feels that Ontario Hydro is not Premier Kathleen Wynne’s to sell off.

The issue of selling off Hydro One was not part of the Liberal Party of Ontario’s election platform.

There are a number of issues that are being dealt with in this interview, including a meeting this Wednesday night (tonight) at the PSAC Boardroom at 1139 Alloy Drive.