The Ugly Side of Thunder Bay

The ugly aftermath of yet another egging of Thunder Bay residents
The ugly aftermath of yet another egging of Thunder Bay residents

Sadly, Once Again Thunder Bay Shows That Hate and Ignorance is Too Common

THUNDER BAY – EDITORIAL – Tonight, I was out walking in downtown Fort William. Just after 11:00PM, I came across four people who were sitting on a bench across from City Hall. Moments before they had someone in a van throw eggs at them.

What kind of a city can have people who hate others like that?

Thunder Bay can do so much better.

I sat with the people and talked, listened to hear their story, which was one of anger for being treated with such disrespect. It was one I have heard too many times from too many people.

I have had young people ask me, “Why do they hate us so much?” – When a young lady was egged and splattered on her new winter jacket.

I have had people I know hit with spoons. Others have had rocks and hot coffee thrown at them.

We seem to have people in our city who act like some of the people who live here are simply targets for them to attack.

Every time there is a story like that, we are taking Thunder Bay down lower and lower.

Not those who were egged, they were the victims.

The ones going lower and lower are those individuals whose view of fellow human beings is so bad that they feel that is alright to do to throw eggs, rocks, hot coffee, or spoons at another fellow human being.

This kind of behaviour is not uncommon in Thunder Bay, it goes on all too often.

Under the stars, we are all one race, the human race.

But here, in our beautiful city of Thunder Bay, we have some people who seem to be filled with hate – why?

I suggest part of the issue is that together, as a community we are not doing enough to actually eliminate racism and hate.

We have some in our city who are so focused on maintaining process and upholding the status quo that it actually prevents real progress.

Other people in our city share stories of their experiences seeking help to combat racism and abuses. They are told there is nothing that can be done.

How Long Before a Reaction Causes Serious Problems?

After seeing yet another example of the dark underbelly of our community, all I can suggest is that as a city, Thunder Bay has a long way to go before we are truly as diverse and as inclusive as we would like to believe we are.

Together we need to step up our game.

Turning on the television, we are witnessing the real impact of hate, racism and brutality from the United States. Cities like Ferguson, St. Louis and Las Angeles have become sad beacons of how bad things are in the United States.

Comments from Donald Trump on the topic of illegal immigration as “The Donald” campaigns for President are lighting up fires of controversy. Some are saying those words are causing increased hate and racism.

Tonight, one of the people who was assaulted commented that maybe fighting back is the only solution.

All I could think is that Thunder Bay needs to get focused on building bridges and creating a really diverse and fully inclusive community. Otherwise, the hateful actions of a minority are likely to cause reactions and we will soon reap a harvest of hate.

We keep thinking we are all so much better than the actions of what we hope is a fringe minority.

It is time to step up and become a better city.

James Murray

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