Liberals Will Not End Pension Splitting – Patty Hajdu

Letters to the Editor

THUNDER BAY – Letters – Seniors across the region have been telling me at the door that they are worried about their finances in retirement. And the deception from the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper is adding to their confusion and fear by actively promoting false information about pension splitting. The Liberal Party of Canada will not end pension splitting for seniors. Liberals believe that all Canadians deserve a secure and dignified retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

If any party is risking the security of seniors it is in fact the Harper government. Two years ago, without consultation or warning, Stephen Harper raised the age of eligibility for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement from 65 to 67. In a speech delivered to the Canadian Association of Retired Persons last October, Justin Trudeau stated that a Liberal government would restore the starting age for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to 65.

Many residents in our riding don’t know how or when they will be able to retire. Delaying the age that seniors can receive support hurts us all because it will increase the number of people living in poverty and put additional pressure on municipalities and non-profit organizations that will inevitably be called upon to fill the gap. This is yet another example of policy created by the Harper Conservatives that downloads federal responsibilities to provinces and municipalities.

On October 19th, voters have an opportunity for real change with the Liberal Party of Canada. Seniors can be confident that Liberal Party will protect their financial security and quality of life.

Patty Hajdu Liberal Candidate

Thunder Bay-Superior North