Manhunt in Dryden Ends with Arrest of Suspect in Domestic Incident

Crime Update

Regional Crime ReportDRYDEN – NEWS – Dryden Police report that they have a man in custody after a long manhunt that started early in the morning.

Dryden City Police received a call at 03:25AM CDT over a domestic disturbance at a residence on Arthur Street in the community. When uniformed officers arrived on the scene, a male suspect fled from police.

The man ended up barricading himself inside of a local business, and held off police for two hours.

Downtown Dryden was placed under lockdown, with assistance from the Ontario Provincial Police, the Special Weapons and Tactics team, and the k-9 unit.

Derek John Kenny now faces one charge, related to the aggravated assault, but the investigation is ongoing.

When Kenny surrendered to police, he was unarmed, but police say he was in a state of crisis.