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A Tragedy that Needs To be Shared

Thunder Bay – Living – Gina is 17 years old, and grew up in a respectful community that loved people coming in and out. Gina stayed in school since she was young, she did good in her classes that she attended everyday. Gina would get good grades almost in every class she was in, but when she turned 14 years old that’s when her parents noticed a negative change in her.

She would start lying to her mom saying she is going to a friend’s to study for a class project. Her mother would call her friend’s place to check up on Gina but she was never there. Gina would attend a senior high school party every Friday night where she met this one guy.

Gina became more interested in Charlie so they both started hanging out more often, so Gina is falling for Charlie as they both had something in common, each one told their favorites things to each other.

One night Gina was at his house, both were in the living room watching television, but Charlie told Gina he would go get something upstairs so she waited for him downstairs.

Charlie was taking his time looking for where he stashed his morphines, he looked under the bed and had like three pills of red rockets so he grabbed his things then went back down stairs. Gina was in shock by what she saw him holding so she asked him what he was doing.

Gina and Charlie begin to argue back and forth yet he didn’t want to give those pills up so she told him she’s was going home instead, but he didn’t want her going anywhere.

Gina and Charlie begin throwing negative words back and forth, yet she did not understanding why Charlie is being controlling with a girl he just met.

She did know he is not very loyal with anyone, he is a known trouble maker, and drug addict in the community.

Gina begins to push Charlie away but he doesn’t want to let her go so Charlie grabbed Gina by the arm then pushed her against the wall and told her to shut up and just sit there yet she tried to escape from this crazy man even though she is terrified of him. Charlie begins to slap Gina around so she started crying her hardest. She tried yelling for help but Charlie is placing his hands around Gina’s mouth so she could not say a word, but she bit his hands so Charlie was in pain.

Gina tries to run off from this guy she didn’t really know much about. As she ran from the house Charlie started to run after her in the back alley where there was no road going anywhere, then all of a sudden Charlie pulls out a needle with some kind of rat poison which was intended for Gina. Gina had no place to run so he stalked her like she was his slave. Charlie grabbed Gina and stuck the needle in Gina’s arm, and she just collapsed right in front of Charlie so he begins to run off pretending like nothing happened.

As it was getting dark a young teen walked by and saw Gina laying on the ground where she was not responding at all.

The young teen begins to call 911 but she realized that Gina was already gone when the paramedics arrived 20 minutes later. Gina’s parents were in shock that evening when they heard their daughter was found dead in an alley. Both parents cried and in complete shock of the tragic news, and her parents had no idea on what was happening when they didn’t hear from Gina all day.

Gina’s parents found out that she was with a guy that day before she was found deceased yet cops are investigating on this homicide with no suspects named, but are doing their best in closing this case. Hours passed and they get a lead on this homicide from an unknown caller who told the leading investigators on what really happened with Gina’s death. The cops went to Charlie’s house to check up on him and there is no answer at the door. Charlie was scared that evening, so he hid out in the attic where the police had found him then they begin to question him on why he abused Gina that day which Charlie tried to deny.

Charlie finally admitted to poisoning Gina with rat poison, and the cops had finally closed the case and Gina’s parents could continue with the funeral of their late daughter, so she can finally rest and be with her creator in heaven as her life was cut too short by this tragic.

Nebuchadnezzar Tait

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