LETTER – Save the Wilderness Discovery Resort

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the EditorTHUNDER BAY – LETTER – If the Legislative Assembly of Ontario refuses to act, we will lose a unique sanctuary for the disabled.

Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled, near Thunder Bay, needs to be designated as protected BEFORE summer recess.

If not, the land must be sold by law. We need a place in the wilderness for WHEELCHAIRS, NOT MILLIONAIRES! If you lose it, it will be bulldozed and be gone forever.

Contact your MPP immediately! Summer recess is imminent.

If they don’t protect this getaway for disabled kids, veterans, seniors, families, and caregivers, then MPP’s shouldn’t be allowed to get away either.

Get more info on Facebook at “Save Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled” and find a list of contacts for your representative.

Thank you for acting and caring.

Kevin Johnson

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