Preview to Hiking at the Tropical Butterfly World Museum & Aviary

Preview to hiking at the tropical butterfly world museum & aviary
Preview to hiking at the tropical butterfly world museum & aviary

Preview to hiking at the tropical butterfly world museum & aviary
Preview to hiking at the tropical butterfly world museum & aviary
THUNDER BAY – LIVING – It’s the amazingly beautiful architecture defined inside the life of Butterflies that virtually defies an educational description as we catch them entering our lives. Their wild inherent uniqueness, and mystery, inside their life cycle is both fascinating and compelling.

Scientists realize where the Earth exhibits a wealth of butterfly activity, so there will likely be a landscape that realizes a bounty for other natural creatures.

Where streams and rivers are clean: forests are abundantly green and thriving. There cities, suburbs, and towns, with their human populations will also be environmental benefactors. witnessing the amazing life cycle of these solar powered beauties.

Rachel Carson, author of the excellent book Silent Spring, was such an enthusiasts about butterflies. She longed for the annual migration of Monarch butterflies. Each spring where she lived on the Atlantic seaboard. Carson awaited their return like a heavenly hallelujah in summertime.

Often, she wrote about what made them tick. Carson created in her classic way, a phrase about them which we are still hearing from those, here, wherever we meet sharing insights. “Why! you’re going to relish seeing ‘those brightly fluttering bits of life’ when you hike over to Coconut Creek,” as a lady in her large straw hat was saying to us at a market place recently.

And as those dwelling in Thunder Bay under a present seasonal blanket of snow will presumably look forward in time, to measure–again–the captivating, traditional arrival of butterflies after the Queen Victoria Day weekend; it’s always such a hopeful sign, when the panorama of their microscopic markings is newly spotted as each week warms us into summer.

Because the vitality, resilience, in every colourful silent butterfly soliloquy becomes something of a mini-miracle to watch. They become incredible stories, and chapters, as they flap from place to place in reaching our backyards.

Especially attractive in the cinematography of their arrival is: they deliver a word-less existence. Yet their graceful wing patterns are so capable of connecting our ‘natural’ souls on earth. As we stand or sit, in such gentle amazement, observing them as they dock into Ontario completing a 2,000 mile migration from Mexico.

(from a Ronn Hartviksen travelling journal)

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