Local Coffee Shop Stands Up Over Music

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THUNDER BAY – An outdoor speaker outside the Daily Grind Coffee Shop has generated concern and controversy.

Daily Grind Coffee Shop owner Dale Runciman says, “We would like to apologize to everyone for playing that inappropriate song outside of our coffee shop. It was a disgusting and racist song and it certainly does not reflect our feelings and opinions. Unfortunatly that song was downloaded in a bulk torrent file of Johnny Cash songs, and I was unaware that the song exsisted when we added the Johnny Cash songs to our playlist”.

“It was never our intension to play something like that. We have been trying to create an atmosphere at the coffee shop that would make people want to come to the downtown area, not drive people away,” adds Runciman.

“We are truly sorry for offending anyone. The song was removed from our playlist and we will more closely monitor the music being played from this day forward. We truly value all of our loyal customers and friends support that we have received since opening”.