Make a Difference – The Glass Slipper Project

Can you help make a difference in one person's life?
Can you help make a difference in one person's life?

Can you help make a difference in one person's life?
Can you help make a difference in one person’s life?
THUNDER BAY – I wish to share a story with you. I ask that you read it through and I hope you are able assist me in one way or another.

I had an interaction with a young lady today that has had a difficult life.

She has addiction issues, relationship issues, family issues and has suffers from trauma from numerous life events. She has worked on the streets and has faced many unspeakable truths from this as well. In my interaction with her I finally realized that she knew me and that I attempted to help her in the past when she was younger. She stated she has the Eagle Feather I gave her and she still prays with it. Often I have driven past her on the street and looked down when I drove by not because of shame for her but my inability to help her. I bought her lunch and asked if she would accompany me Dec 7th to the faith City Church as I want her to be surrounded with love. As many of you know I am not a Christian but I believe in the work and the people of Faith City Church and the work of Roma and Anita Fisher and their family (congregation).

She said she would call me and I am not sure if she will follow through.

I dwelled on this young girl and her life all day and I spoke to many youth seeking wisdom from them on what I could do to help. Many youth shared their thoughts and they were powerful. Two particular messages I received was this: “offer her a glass slipper” I asked this young girl to paint the picture of what this means and she stated “Give her a fairy tale ending; a chance to see another side” another youth told me, “she needs a second chance” When I think of the work I have done in the past, that is what I did to lift individuals out of the only reality they knew. Know what these youth have told me is to rise this individual up with the help of others to show that she matters and that she is somebody. To give her respect and show her love and compassion.
My spirit has spoken to me very clearly tonight for the first time in a long time. I am calling on each and every one of you and asking you to reach into your soul and assist me in lifting this one individual up; adopt her into your heart and life and give her a second chance to get grounded and on her feet. With the guidance of the youth I spoke with, I wish to announce ” The Glass Slipper Project”.

The Glass Slipper Project is taking resources and money time and effort from individuals to sit with this young lady and show her true compassion by supporting a healing opportunity/experience that could never be deliverable by a system or program.

The work we do will be based on what she truly needs and assist her with her wants to help her get back on her feet.

It may include relocation or placement in a private treatment centre where she can be pampered and cared for in a place of safety.

It will need a circle of people to surround her with care and attention. I will call on the services of many people based on their skills and abilities.

I promise to put personal financial backing into this but I cannot do it alone. I am calling on you my friends if you could see it in your hearts to donate money to unselfish cause. I in turn promise to keep solid financial records where every dime is spent to assist this young lady. You have my word. I may need people’s time for one to one time, resources such a safety house/apartment, a plane ticket, money for personal treatment program. support getting ID your skills to train or teach this young lady about certain life skills etc etc etc.

What I am hoping to create is meeting someone’s needs with the same goals of “Make a Wish Foundation”.

Now people might say why her or why do you get to choose who???? and your right why?????

It reminds me of the story of a boy with a bucket of starfish tossing them back into the ocean and a man says “Why are you wasting time tossing starfish back into the ocean off the beach?”.

“Thousands of them are dying all over the sand”.

The boy threw that once star fish far out into the water and said…..”Not this one!”

Please join me in making the difference in one person’s life. After perhaps we can work with another.

Please help me in providing the possibility of success for one young person. Please e-mail me if you have questions.

Please share with one friend.

Please confirm with me your support. I need prayers, vehicle, driver, volunteers, resources (may be furniture, supplies, food, etc etc etc, skills, and of course most importantly money.

Bless you all those who can support me.

I have close to 3000 facebook friends. I am calling on you now.

I rarely ask much of you or anything at all. Please come forward…I need you.

Christmas is approaching. Let’s make this holiday season a special time for one struggling individual in our community.

Thank you so much…Meegwetch & Merci Beaucoup

Ron Kanutski

Contact Information: Email:

Telephone: 807-624-6996

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