Bruce Hyer – Hosting Meetings on Nuclear Waste

Thunder Bay Superior North MP Deputy Leader of the Green Party Bruce Hyer
Deputy Leader of the Green Party Bruce Hyer
Bruce Hyer MP
Bruce Hyer MP

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – As your MP, I feel strongly that the citizens of Thunder Bay―Superior North and Northwestern Ontario should have an opportunity to think about the critical decisions that affect you and share your concerns. Next week, I’ll be hosting the last of a series of public meetings in Thunder Bay-Superior North to consult with residents about the prospect of high-level nuclear waste being stored and/or shipped on trucks, trains or ships along Lake Superior’s north shore. I feel that all potentially affected communities should be consulted, but the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (see has consulted only any potential “willing host community” to accept the burial of 50,000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste. Most of the communities being looked at are in Northern Ontario. Ignace, Hornepayne, Manitouwadge, Schreiber and White River are still being considered.

I have already held public meetings in some Northern Ontario communities, including Owen Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa, Marathon, Terrace Bay, and Nipigon. In addition to possible storage sites, many Northern Ontario communities could be along the transport route. That means residents are likely to see at least 53 truck shipments of waste coming through our towns every month for the next 30 years. All citizens of Northwestern Ontario should have a say in this decision, and I feel it is my duty to consult as widely as possible throughout Thunder Bay-Superior North. I invite you (as an individual or a group) to attend the following meetings and to offer your information or opinions.

The dates and locations of the meetings are as follows:

THUNDER BAY                                  NAKINA                                                               LONGLAC

Sunday, Nov. 9                                  Tuesday, Nov. 11                                             Wednesday, Nov. 12

7:00―9:00 PM                                   7:00―9:00 PM                                                   1:00―2:30 PM

Italian Cultural Centre                    Nakina Community Centre                          Longlac Sportsplex

123 Algoma St. S                               200 North Avenue                                           200 Picnic Point Road


GERALDTON                                       SCHREIBER                                                          MANITOUWADGE

Wednesday, Nov. 12                      Thursday, Nov. 13                                            Friday, Nov. 14

7:00―9:00 PM                                   7:00―9:00 PM                                                   6:00―8:00 PM

Geraldton Arena &                          Schreiber Community Hall                            Manitouwadge Town Hall

Recreation Centre                           100 Langworthy Street                                  2 Manitou St. W

I will also be consulting with a number of Chiefs and Councils of First Nations in our region.

This is an enormous decision, with implications for many, many centuries. We all have a stake in it. I’m looking forward to hearing from you on this issue, either by attending one of these meetings, writing to me at my email (, or sending a letter (no postage required) to my Ottawa office: 926 Confederation Building, House of Commons, Ottawa ON, K1A 0A6

Nuclear waste storage isn’t the only upcoming federal decision that will affect our region. With the upcoming election-year budget, there will be important decisions to be made about how your tax dollars are being spent. I’ll be looking for the government to invest in Northwestern Ontario infrastructure, industries and job creation. I want to know what your funding priorities are, and how you think money should be allocated next year. You may choose to comment on those issues at these meetings. I will also send out a community newsletter to you in January, which will give you the opportunity to write or email me. I’ll be representing your needs and your priorities in budget discussions, and I depend on your input.

As your Member of Parliament, your priorities are my priorities. As my constituents, I know you have so much to contribute to our national dialogue. I want to encourage you to join me in these meetings, and help me to best represent you in Parliament.

Bruce Hyer MP

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