Mexico Battered by Hurricane Odele

Hurricane Odele has battered Mexico
Hurricane Odele has battered Mexico

Hurricane aftermath in Mexico

LOS CABOS, MEXICO – WEATHER – Scenes of the aftermath of Hurricane Odile in Mexico’s luxury resort town of Los Cabos. A local Walmart was not only battered by the storm — but has been just about stripped bare by looters.

Ramon Ojeda said, “There was a lot of disorder and some stores were closed with their merchandise inside. There was a lot of disorder and they went in to loot and took televisions, stove-tops, a lot of stuff. They were running out with lots of merchandise, some were taking cans of beans, of milk, whatever they could get their hands on.”

With gasoline in short supply people wait for hours to fill up.

Some lost everything. Estela Salinas, a storm victim who has lost her home said, “We lost everything. We’re completely destroyed and we’ve been abandoned. We’re cut off from communication. No one has come by even to look at us. We have no water”.

VIDEO by Reuters