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Andrew Foulds Current River Councillor is running for the New Democrats in Thunder Bay Superior North
Andrew Foulds Current River Councillor

Andrew Foulds
Andrew Foulds
THUNDER BAY – CIVIC – Dear Current River Ward Residents: It continues to be a pleasure to serve you as your councillor at City Hall.

Current River Ward is one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in the city. I profoundly believe the people of Current River deserve a champion at City Hall. It has been my privilege to be that champion for the past eight great years

The many ward meetings that I have held during the past eight years have been a first-rate way to discuss your many concerns such as; improving our recreational and park facilities, the event centre, roads, bike lanes, parking, trails and Boulevard Lake.

Road Re-paving: This past summer Current River has seen many roads re‑paved – Morse, Merrill, Marion, Cuyler, Adams, McIntyre, Conmee, Leslie, and Grenville. The extensive new trail development on the West side of Lyon Boulevard will significantly improve safety for all its users.

Boulevard Lake is getting an exciting major overhaul next year! Nearly $ 4 million is budgeted to widen the top, structurally restore, and install new lighting at Boulevard Lake Dam. Over $2.5 million is budgeted to dredge the bottom of the lake, stabilize the banks against erosion, redo the parking lot, and replace the watermain underneath the lake. We plan to do all this work in one year to minimize the disruption to users and to get the biggest bang for our public bucks by achieving economies of scale. This work will not only improve water quality but it will improve the recreational experience of swimmers, boaters, walkers, hikers, cyclists, and every individual and family user of this unique Thunder Bay jewel, Boulevard Lake.

Thank you: I have been overwhelmed by the number of people from all walks of life who have urged me to run again for City Council. I especially want to thank you, the citizens of Current River, for your encouragement over the last three months.

As a Ward and as a City we have made huge gains. We have increased investment in our youth, and in our infrastructure – roads, sewers, landfill site, and trails. Investing in things from a splash pad and skate board park at Marina Park, to a long term Mining Development Strategy has been important.

The Future: However, more needs to be done. I want a city that gives hope to its youth, security for its seniors, and opportunities for all of its citizens. That’s why we must make strategic long-term (not short-sighted, short- term) decisions that will improve the quality of life both for Current River Ward and for the City as a whole. We must continue to invest in people, in infrastructure, in parks, in our youth, and in the arts. We need to have a 21st Century vision for this City. I will continue to fight for a Current River and a Thunder Bay that is sustainable, prosperous and socially just.

If you have any comments or concerns please do hesitate to contact me!

Andrew Foulds
Councillor Current River

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