Catch Cyber Harassment in the Catfish Net

Cyber-bullying and online harassment on social media is a growing problem
Cyber-bullying and online harassment on social media is a growing problem

Cyber-bullying and online harassment on social media is a growing problem
Cyber-bullying and online harassment on social media is a growing problem

THUNDER BAY –  TECHNOLOGY – Cyber-stalking and online harassment is a serious issue for many people. It can range from unwanted comments on social media sites like Facebook, to full on hateful behaviour. Often teenagers are targeted by online bullies, and others, but it can be far worse.

Seeking a solution, Crystal Ball Apps of Folsom, CA has developed a new Facebook App called the CatfishNet.

Crystal Ball Apps says, “By one definition, “Catfish” are bottom-dwelling, slime-sucking scavengers that feed off of the dead & decaying flesh of other creatures. That is pretty much the same definition we use for the CatfishNet App.”

Catfish online cause specific problems that need to be stopped:

  1. Stalking & Spying
  2. Bullying
  3. Financial Fraud Especially against the Elderly
  4. Child Molestation
  5. Retribution or Revenge
  6. Trying to Promote Themselves via a Fake Third Persona

The Catfish that Crystal Ball Apps is hunting are often predators who lurk among your Facebook Friends and conduct all kinds of nefarious deeds for all kinds of reasons. Some are annoying like the ex spouse who spies on you by creating a fake Facebook account and then befriending you.

Other Catfish are more dangerous. They can be pedophiles masquerading as a similarly aged minor on Facebook who entices children to befriend them. They are frequently overseas scammers who intend to steal your money.

CatfishNet attempts to predict which of your Friends on Facebook are real & which are simply predators waiting to scam you out of your money or worse. In each case, it is imperative that the user validate the identification of the Catfish as presented by the CatfishNet App so that the user can independently verify which are truly Catfish and which just look similar to Catfish.

The CatfishNet App can only present predicted Catfish who lurk among your Facebook Friends. While the predictive models are highly technically advanced with the latest algorithms, methods & data, the user must eventually review his or her Friends to ensure that the predicted results produced by the CatfishNet App are validated and acted upon.

This free Facebook App is the first and only anti-cyberbullying software available and is comprised of sophisticated technology that searches its user’s Facebook friends for people who are using phony identities, commonly called “Catfish.” CatfishNet not only finds the Catfish but it also helps keep predators from remaining “friends” with the user. Limiting access will reduce the likelihood of harm caused by the Catfish. CatfishNet is the only Facebook application aimed at catching online predators and protecting seniors from online fraud before harm is done.

Teen suicide rates are the highest they have ever been. Much of this can be attributed to cyberbullies who use the cloak of online services or phony identities to shield themselves from the consequences of their illegal behaviors.

Crystal Ball Apps, working parallel to the anti-bullying program of the Obama administration, has developed the first & only Facebook application intended to help end cyberbullying targeted at not only teens but also adults. Developers Jon C. Stephens M.B.A., Ed.D., Muhammad Aizaz, Michael Wedderburn, Jen Gordon and Ryan Schattner have created this free Facebook App called CatfishNet, which has already become popular among the many beta testers who have used the App, often on their own Facebook accounts, discovering they had actual Catfish lurking among their real friends. The results of such testing has demonstrated the App is correctly identifying the Catfish 92.1% of the time. The App launched nationwide today is currently available for free download at the Facebook AppCenter. “This must always remain a free App,” said Dr. Stephens who personally funded the project. “We want it to be accessible to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.”

Free download is available at: Informative videos are available on YouTube. The description of how CatfishNet protects teens and others from cyberbullying can be seen here: This video explains how CatfishNet protects seniors from online fraud:

Located in technology-rich Folsom, California, Crystal Ball Apps is one of the nation’s leading developers of diverse business software. Since 1992 Crystal Ball Apps has written millions of lines of code for applications ranging from demographic projection software to innovative business marketing tools and now the world’s first anti-cyberbullying / anti-fraud application. Crystal Ball Apps is a proud leader of social media security applications worldwide and currently the only developer with anti-cyberbullying / anti-fraud software.

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