Hillcrest High to Centre for Change to Condos

Hillcrest High School
Stock image of Hillcrest High School

We recently had the privilege to shoot a video for the Thunder Bay Centre of Change located in the former Hillcrest High School. The centre strives to create a vibrant and dynamic work environment made up of autonomous profit and not-for-profit entities brought together through a shared interest in conversation, collaboration and positive change. Have a look at how the centre came to be and what it has to offer.

The Centre of Change is also the home of Imaginarium Studio, the largest professional independent production studio in the region.

Client: Thunder Bay Centre of Change
Client Website: www.tbcoc.ca

Produced By: Imaginarium Studio Inc.
Imaginarium Website: www.imaginariumvideo.com

THUNDER BAY – Hillcrest High School is converting to residential units. The former High School which has some of the most amazing views out over Lake Superior is changing from a business centre to a new residential facility.

The move should help open up Thunder Bay’s very tight real estate market.

This is a move that has been done over at the former Fort William Collegiate.

The building which had shifted from a high school to the Thunder Bay Centre for Change now will have either apartments or condos.

With some of the best views in the city, it is likely even former students might be looking for a space in what was likely once their old classroom.

Hillcrest High School
Stock image of Hillcrest High School