Andy Wolff – Current River Candidate Report

Andy Wolff is seeking a seat on City Council for Current River.
Andy Wolff is seeking a seat on City Council for Current River.
Andy Wolff is seeking a seat on City Council for Current River.
Andy Wolff is seeking a seat on City Council for Current River.

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – During the last couple of months I’ve been knocking on doors and listening to what Current River Ward residents’ concerns and issues are with regards to our area and the city as a whole. As I stated in a previous article, we need more inclusive leadership and better communication on city council.  By listening to residents, I have made it my commitment to involve the general public in moving our city forward. My goal is to visit every home in our ward. To date I have visited over 800 homes, speaking with over 400 people covering all four corners of the ward.

One of the main concerns I’ve been hearing constantly is the condition of our roads. Water Street in particular is in very poor shape having been neglected for many years. There is no excuse for this road to be in this shape. It serves as a major artery for the whole city and provides quick access for emergency vehicles. At every ward meeting I attended, the condition of this road was always mentioned. As part of my campaign, I will be inquiring as to why this road has been neglected to and when will it be addressed.

Part of my inclusive leadership is supporting a public vote on major projects. Since city council has denied voters the right to decide voters a plebiscite regarding the event convention centre, I have taken it upon myself to ask residents the following question. “Are you in favour of having an event convention centre at this present time”? I will be disclosing these results after candidate nominations close. It’s interesting to note a number of things. Those who aren’t in favour, feel that the city should focus spending on upgrading our present facilities and infrastructure.   Almost everyone who is favour, respect the idea if we are to move forward on this project, it must have the majority of public approval.

Andy Wolff

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Andy Wolff ran as a candidate for Current River Ward Councillor in the 2010 Municipal Election. He is a Citizen Representative for Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee.