Sioux Lookout – School Bus Review Underway

School Buses

School Buses routes in Sioux Lookout are being reviewed.
School Buses routes in Sioux Lookout are being reviewed.

SIOUX LOOKOUT – On a regular basis, school bus transportation routes are reviewed in each of the communities we service and assessed for efficiency. Last year, the Consortium reconfigured the routing in Kenora.   Please be advised that as a matter of routine, school bus routes have been reviewed in the Sioux Lookout area for next school year.    Our team has looked at the area with fresh eyes and the system has been completely redesigned using the existing fleet of buses.

Although we will be servicing the same geographic area, the routes have been renumbered and new identification animals have been assigned to the buses. Most stops will remain the same but times will change. You will also see longer routes and more double routing to maximize efficiencies.   There will also be some routes which have an elementary portion and a secondary portion.

Every Sioux Lookout bussing family will receive a letter over the summer explaining specific bussing arrangements.

On the morning of Monday, June 23, 2014, Iron Range will be conducting trial runs in Sioux Lookout so you will see your school buses everywhere.