Daytona’s Kitchen & Creative Catering is a Gold Mine

The new Daytonas is a 'Gold Mine' says The Dining Lady
The new Daytonas is a 'Gold Mine' says The Dining Lady
The new Daytona's is a 'Gold Mine' says The Dining Lady
The new Daytona’s is a ‘Gold Mine’ says The Dining Lady

Hidden treasures and diamonds in the rough, but now lets talk about a little gold mine!

THUNDER BAY – FOOD NOW – Daytona’s Bar & Grill is no more… it’s now Daytona’s Kitchen & Creative Catering. The sign still remains outside giving that illusion of a bar, but inside the food is nothing less then fantastic.

Owner John Collins has been a permanent fixture in the hotel and restaurant industry for over thirty years. He learned a love of serving food from his father who was a professional chef.

Daytona's Wings
Daytona’s Wings and Ribs Platter

John was also the Banquet manager at the Airlane Hotel for over twenty years, and during that time, he has cooked for legends like Johnny Cash, and has served beverages for the late Pierre Trudeau.

John opened up his own catering company back in 1996 and it continues today through his restaurant Daytona’s Kitchen and Creative Catering.

Daytona’s is located at 965 Cobalt Crescent across from the Post Office on Alloy Drive.

'Kay are you ready to jump in your car and head for lunch?
‘Kay are you ready to jump in your car and head for lunch?

John Collins had a vision to turn a local place into a meeting place for locals to enjoy good food while dishing out large portions at reasonable prices.

Over the years Daytona’s has hosted racing functions, shags, grad parties and even wedding receptions. John has always done catering as well, in fact Daytona’s is now the caterer to the Thunder Bay Country Club on Golf Links Road, and opening a new smaller take out window in Victoriaville Mall.

Daytona’s has come a long way.

Good solid meals at Daytona's on Cobalt Cresent in Thunder Bay
Good solid meals at Daytona’s on Cobalt Cresent in Thunder Bay

In 2013, John brought in his son in law, Andrew Stone who at the time was the head chef at Moxie’s. Andrew began by creating a new menu which changes periodically to keep the menu fresh, but they always keep the top sellers on the menu.

Daytona’s menu has drastically changed from the regular menu to a new hip menu offering customers various choices with their meals, and everything is fresh, nothing frozen, nothing processed while still keeping their prices low.

Andrew has turned Daytona’s into a regular place that people enjoy dining at.

Daytona’s is open 7 days a week starting at 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends.

Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner Daytona’s has it all covered. Breakfast items such as Eggs Benedict with chiorzo sausage to breakfast poutine, as well as the regular old fashioned eggs and bacon!

Daytona’s also offers choices with the breakfasts they serve. If you don’t like potatoes with breakfast? Why not switch it out for fresh fruit or a hearty bowl of oatmeal, no extra charge!

Daytona’s has become a big hit with many locals as they offer you choices, you pick your entree then you have many great options for your sides, either fries, a soup or your choice of three different salads, tossed, Caesar or Greek, with no up charge, or upgrade to onion rings or a poutine for a small increase.

Dinners are starting to catch on, people are realizing the great value you get at Daytona’s, and that the food is fresh, not frozen!

Rib and chicken combo, amazing deal at just $19, you get a rack of ribs, 8 wings and then 2 sides of your choice! Steaks were fantastic and those flatbreads, so good!

Daytona’s offers a variety of appetizers starting with my favorite the garlic gouda bites, using local gouda from Thunder Oak Cheese farm made into cheese sticks, of course they are gouda bites and they come with a home-made marinara sauce which is amazing.

The dry ribs, another favorite, and the wings, I cant say enough about the wings, the sauces and the different varieties.

Daytona’s also offers the old favorites such as nachos, potatoes skins and onion rings or poutine.

Specials at Daytona’s include Tuesday Night wing night, wings are just $6. Burger Thursday, any burger combo on the menu is just $11, Saturday night all appetizers are just $6 each, who else in town offers appetizers for just $6 on a Saturday night?

The tasty clubhouse sandwich at Daytona's.
The tasty clubhouse sandwich at Daytona’s.

The Saturday night appetizer deal starts at 8 pm.

Trying to find a place to have a function at? Daytona’s can host that for you, shags, grad parties, retirement parties, you name it, they have hosted it or catered it. Daytona’ also offers take out for larger groups, just yesterday I ordered dinners for sixteen people and asked for it to be delivered.

The owner of Daytona’s John, delivered the food himself, and the people who received the food said it was the best catering they have had in ages, in fact it was so good, they wanted the exact same for the next days’ dinner.

Daytona’s also carries local Sleeping Giant Brewery beer and uses as much local products as they can, when in season.

Oh yes, do not let the parking lot full fool you, many days I have gone and the lot is full but there was many tables available inside, Daytona’s has a few large coffee groups that go for breakfast and lunch and they each drive their own vehicles, so it looks like the place is packed, when in fact its just a full parking lot… go in and see because usually you can get a table or two!!

So when your thinking of a breakfast, lunch or even dinner, give Daytona’s a try, let them know the Dining Lady sent you!

Kim Berly

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