Rock & Roll Hellride

Rock &; Roll Hellride, February 28 at Black Pirates Pub
Rock &; Roll Hellride, February 28 at Black Pirates Pub
Rock & Roll Hellride, February 28 at Black Pirates Pub
Rock & Roll Hellride, February 28 at Black Pirates Pub


Thunder Bay, ON – Wiggins Pro-Ductions will be hosting Rock & Roll Hellride, Friday, February 28 at Black Pirates Pub (215 Red River Road). The night will showcase major local rock acts like Forever Dead and The Dweezils, along with Bay City Sound Collective, as well as the debut performance of indie rock trio, Ghost Rhino.

Since 2005, Forever Dead have released two full-length albums, a hand full of EP’s, and endured long hours down lonely highways. In the years since forming, the band has hit roadblocks, dead ends and has undergone a few personality changes, but now stands on solid ground with Chelsea Heart (vocals), George Gratz (bass), Gratzo (guitar), and Tyler T. Destroyer (drums). A powerful and energetic presence with a cocktail of influences from punk, rock, psychobilly, ska and just about any other general, Forever Dead appeals to a broad and eclectic audience, or anyone who has a thirst for kick ass rock’ n ’roll.

The Dweezils were formed in 2007 after months of Hippy Baker (drums) and Travis Doggett (guitar) jamming free form ‘avant garde’ music inspired by the likes of Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa among others. Soon after, their first song “Who’s Laughing Now?” was born. To this day it remains the only song by The Dweezils with vocals/lyrics.

This track and the songs that soon followed attracted monster bass player Mike Green (bass) to the duo. After acquiring their third and final member, they set off to record their debut album Welcome To Dweezland in 2009. Today, The Dweezils have harnessed their own unique sound – a blend of different genres and time signatures varying from light jazz to funk to metal, all brought forward through a charismatic and charming swing that The Dweezils can call their own.

This is reflected in their sophomore release “Take 2” which has a more mature, seasoned and stylish undertone. The Dweezils continue to surprise any critics who may have thought an instrumental band could not appeal the masses by attracting a wide variety of fans with many tastes in music.

Doors open at 10pm. Cover is $5. Age of majority required. For more information visit or RSVP on FACEBOOK:

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