Ariel Sharon Dead at 85

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Dead

TEL AVIV- International News – Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is dead. The former Prime Minister was 85. Sharon died after a long coma brought about after a stroke eight years ago.

Sharon was controversial figure in Middle East and World Politics. He was considered a giant by the Israeli military and in Israel’s political circles. He was very dedicated to ensuring Israel would survive in a turbulent time during his long career.

Sharon died at Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv. A hospital statement is expected shortly.

This past Thursday doctors treating the aging former Prime Ministeer announced that “Mr Sharon’s condition had deteriorated”.

The 85-year-old, who became PM in 2001, was suffering from a malfunction of several organs including the kidneys, doctors reported.

“Sharon’s health was showing signs of a slow and gradual deterioration and his life was in danger”, they added.

Sharon had been in a persistent vegetative state since a stroke in 2006.

As Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Sharon presided over very turbulent times in Israeli-Palestinian history. This included a Palestinian uprising in 2000, and an Israeli military push to enforce sovereignty after the ensuing peace talks collapsed.