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Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer in Thunder Bay
Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer in Thunder Bay
Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer as the Thunder Bay Superior North MP goes Green.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer as the Thunder Bay Superior North MP goes Green.

The Green Party transcends the excessive discipline – Bruce Hyer

THUNDER BAY – Politics – Since my election as Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North in 2008, my political career has been defined by the values of independence and cooperation. The interests of all of my constituents have always been my top priority. At the same time, I’ve sought to transcend the partisan hostility of parliament and work towards cooperation and compromise. It is these values and priorities that informed my decision to become a member of the Green Party of Canada.

The Green Party transcends the excessive discipline and hyper-partisan politics that once prevented me from fully representing my constituents. The Greens are the only federal political party that does not whip votes. They have been clear that I will never be asked to sacrifice the interests of my constituents for political gain. At a time when the three large parties seem less willing to work across party lines than ever, the Greens put mindless tribalism aside in to be a strong voice for all Canadians of different political stripes. They value loyalty to constituents, and believe that Canadians should be able to trust their representatives to put voters’ interests ahead of their party’s. They advocate for sound policy that protects Canada’s economy and environment – regardless of where it comes from on the political spectrum.

I like to refer to my new role as “independent-plus.” I will maintain my independence and continue to vote according to my constituents’ best interests, while becoming even more effective in representing my constituents. My political priorities of enhancing ecological integrity and participatory democracy in Canada line up exactly with those of the Green Party.

Northern Ontarians and all Canadians expect and deserve more from their political parties. They deserve to have their voices heard and their interests protected. Regional interests must be balanced with national ones; with the Green Party I will do just that. My representation of Thunder Bay-Superior North and my policy priorities will stay the same, guided as they always have been by the needs of my constituents. I will continue to be a strong voice for Northern Ontario interests, including sustainable resource development, fostering small business growth, employment and tourism, restoring passenger rail and reforming our democracy for the better.

Simply put, the Green Party has the best leader, the best platform and the greatest respect for democracy of any of the federal parties today. Elizabeth May was voted hardest working MP by her parliamentary colleagues this year. Last year, she was named parliamentarian of the year. She works tirelessly for all Canadians, and she engages honestly and openly in dialogue with people across the country – without the same old talking points we’re so tired of hearing from the other leaders. The Green Party platform is truly the most comprehensive and forward-thinking policy document out there. It balances environmental priorities with sophisticated economic and social strategies. And it advances concrete policy solutions, even as the other three parties are still keeping Canadians in the dark about their plans.

I’m proud to be a part of the only federal political party that protects the independence of MPs and their ability to vote according to the wishes of their constituents. Becoming a Green MP will enhance my opportunities for collaboration while maintaining my independence. I look forward to working with Elizabeth and across party lines to build a more cooperative and honest Parliament, a better Canada, and to be a strong voice for each constituent of Thunder Bay-Superior North – no matter who they voted for.

Bruce Hyer MP
Thunder Bay Superior West

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