Report from Front lines in New Brunswick

RCMP Cruisers aflame in Rexton New Brunswick
RCMP Cruisers aflame in Rexton New Brunswick

From the Front Lines in New Brunswick

MONTON NB – Special to NNL – Emotions are raw and the potential for confrontation in New Brunswick between the RCMP and land protectors or protestors is growing. Ambrose Williams shares from the front lines of the situation in the province of New Brunswick.

Williams reports, “Your tax dollars hard at work- Today on Highway 11 There were twenty cop cars sent in to watch over a handful of protesters. These protesters were complying with the recent court injunction which states that ‘they must remain 20 metres from the side of the road where SWN workers are doing work’. The protest was peaceful in nature until RCMP decided to muscle the crowd and set up a line to ‘defend’ the road. The protesters were not making any attempt at crossing the road or interfering with SWN employees”.

The RCMP have released images of firearms and other items seized in their operation in Rexton New Brunswick.
The RCMP have released images of firearms and other items seized in their operation in Rexton New Brunswick.

The area broke out into violence earlier between the RCMP and First Nations people.

It appears, from what Ambrose Williams sees, the tensions are climbing again.

Tensions Between RCMP and First Nations Climbing

“An RCMP member was quoted saying ‘Your $ucked’ in a raw video that was taken from an cellphone. Miles Howes a reporter who has been covering the Anti-Shale gas movement was arrested today after his car was illegally searched. Police were witnessed going through his car and Miles Howes went up to see what they were doing where he was quickly arrested earlier in the day”.

On my journey I have witnessed Protectors get taken down by cops for simply standing in the wrong place. Yesterday in Moncton three peaceful protectors were arrested at the entrance of SWN compound. Madonna was arrested after hanging a Welcome to Mikmaki Flag on the fence of SWN compound.

“Vanessa who had arrived just moments before was quickly taken down. It took four officers to arrest the tiny woman. Her only infraction was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Callum Moscovich was arrested shortly after. He was standing near the cops trying to negotiate with RCMP and the Protectors to de-escalate the situation. He was tackled from behind and kneed twice in the chest by an RCMP member. All three were released from Mocton RCMP with a ‘promise to appear’ with court dates in March later that day,” according to Ambrose.

Ambrose states that the area in the County of Kent is starting to feel like a police state. “From footage of another RAW video that has been circulating on the web. The level of intimidation by RCMP backed with court injunctions has escalated to police state in the county of Kent,” states Ambrose. “Police have been spotted in every backway. On the side of the roads of Route 11. and twenty kilometres on either side of SWNs geo-phone equipment.”

“On the first day SWN’s return to work I counted over 200 cop cars along Route 11 in the short 20 minute drive. Your tax dollars are hard at work protecting corporate interest,” explains Ambrose. “All the while squashing any voices that get in the way of conic development. The federal goverment is touting job creation but at what cost?”

“Stephen Harper stated that ‘We would not recognize Canada after he is done with it’, adds Ambrose. “I believe him. With all the mega construction projects that are lined up in the next years. Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, Multiple Fracking operations from coast to coast”.

Job Creation But at What Cost?

“The federal government is touting job creation. All the while sucking every natural resource form Canada to ship it overseas”.

“Afterwords it is resold to us at a premium. Jobs are created here but they fail to mention that the foreign worker program has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Jobs are created here but foreign workers reap the benefits. Many communities are left to pick up the pieces”.

Ambrose states, “Hydraulic Fracturing can leave water sources contaminated with chemicals that leech into local aquafers after they are sealed with cement. Pipelines have shown a tendency to fail. Contaminating drinking water and polluting the earth with raw bitumen. The consequences of not standing up for Mother Earth has long term implications and must be addressed. Our future generations depend on it.”

“Colonialists will lead you to believe that we are radicals and criminals. We are protectors. Speaking for those cannot speak for themselves. It has been this way since the beginning. Our traditional ways depend on Mother Earth’s survival” concludes Ambrose.

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