Bruce Hyer and Elizabeth May Press Conference

Bruce Hyer
Hyer addresses media at Prince Arthurs Landing - stock image

OTTAWA – Independent MP Bruce Hyer will speak at a press conference today with Green Party MP and Leader Elizabeth May. The two MPs are speaking on the motions before the Procedure and House Affairs and Finance Committees.

These motions would curtail the ability of independent members and members of parties of less than 12 members to introduce amendments to government bills at report stage. Instead, these MPs would be forced to introduce their amendments at committees, where they do not have the right to move, vote on, or even speak to their amendments.

“Conservative committee members are attempting to force through changes that would make it more difficult for independent MPs to speak up for their constituents. Hearing viewpoints from a few large parties and limiting minority speech in the House is not real democracy,” Hyer said. “All Canadians deserve to have their voices heard in their Parliament.”