RCMP Officer Captures Meteor

Sudbury Police
Sudbury Police image supplied by RCMP

Manning, Alberta – An RCMP officer on patrol captured a meteor. It is well known that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ‘always get their man’. But a meteor?
On Saturday, September 21, 2013, shortly after 9:30 pm, an RCMP officer on patrol on a dark highway in northern Alberta couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a very bright fireball crossing the sky.  The unusual sighting was capture on the officer’s patrol camera which was recording at the time. 
The RCMP officer had been patrolling along Highway 35 approximately 20 kilometres north of Manning near the Hawk Hills hamlet.
Community Astronomer of the Telus World of Science in Edmonton confirmed the report of this sighting.
Manning is located approximately six hours north of Edmonton.
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