Last Call at CLE Bar – Thunder Bay Councillor Boshcoff

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Thunder Bay City Hall
Thunder Bay City Hall

Unwinnable Debate on CLE Bar – Boshcoff

THUNDER BAY – The ‘Open Bar’ at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition could be headed for ‘Last Call’. Thunder Bay City Councillor Ken Boshcoff states, “I have begun an initiative on this already and expect positive results”.

Boshcoff comments that the idea that the CLE Board is an “Old Boys” club is one that is not accurate. “Also as for the gender issue, it is remarkable that the CLE has long had a large, 40 to 50% women. The percentage of female representation on the Board and its volunteer committees for quite some time. The President is a woman,” adds Boshcoff.  

Old Boys Network – Not Real

The Councillor says that “The ‘old boys’ handle still persists”.

In terms of the open bar, Boshcoff states, “In this day and age and with responsible use so front and centre there is no need for such a dated activity to persist”.

While both Councillors Boshcoff and Virdiramo have stated that there has not been any consumption of alcohol during meetings, the issue has raised attention across the media, and with the City.

City Manager Tim Commisso has been tasked with looking into the lease agreement between the city and the CLE.

Boshcoff concludes, “The people who volunteer on the Board have been tarred unfairly. It is however an unwinnable debate. My goal is to ensure that their right to this activity is responsible and legal but should it continue —– time to shut’er down!”

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