Cairo – Gunfire Inside Mosque Ramses Square

Turmoil in Egypt is continuing.
Turmoil in Egypt is continuing.

Major Escalation in Cairo with Gunfire Echoing Ramses Square

Cairo- Reports that gunfire is being heard inside the Ramses Square and the Fateh Mosque are coming in from Cairo. Soldiers and forces of the Eqyptian Government have escalated the standoff between forces loyal to the countries ousted President to clear the protesters is on-going as of 07:50EDT.

There is limited information coming in, and the escalation came just as the Minister of Health was reporting on the figures for injuries and deaths.

Supporters of President Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood are claiming that there is major fighting happening, and that people are being killed and wounded.

The scene in Ramses Square in the past hour has completely changed. At 07:30EDT there was a first shot reported to have been fired. That has led to a clear exchange of gunfire between forces loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian forces.


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